The Telektonon Trinity : Part 4D, The Realtime Dreamtime Prophecy

 We are Three Stones, but we Speak as One !

The Telektonon Trinity have new codes to dispense that unveil a profound wisdom that was hidden deep within the mists of the Dreamspell Telektonon; the same sacred codes that can be found etched in stone in the Temples of Palenque. To those with eyes to see, ears to listen and hearts to feel, a new format in understanding the Telektonon has been delivered bringing Divine Synthesis to the Mythic Theatre that we have been part of and witnessed. Embed within the codes are the magical factors that give reason to the Progenitor Archetypes. They are the Master Codes for the Mother of all Prophecy.

The Dreamspell Telektonon of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik is a Living Stream. 

Many are the witnesses of their path. 

Many are the Children of their Sacred Ministry.

The Children of the Dreamspell are witness to a Masterpiece of Prophecy played out upon the Great Stage of Earth. The Twin Pyramid Hologram phenomenon of Pakal Votan and Lady Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw and the Dreamspell emanation of their Archetypes (Votan and Bolon Ik) map a clear and conclusive teaching of the Ascended Masters, offering a higher path to follow in order to purify ourselves in the eyes of the Divine Matrix. The Mother of All Prophecy.

As witnesses of this magic, we bear great responsibility on what we accept as truth. This is not fantasy land where one can pretend to have control over this prophecy. The script is clearly set in stone. No longer should you live a lie. No longer should you look the other way. When divine truth shines its 6th Dimensional Light, the long shadows of those attempted against the script are exposed. The message from the Trinity is that there is no acceptance of false narratives, even more so when it attempts to project a perversion upon the Sacred ‘White House’ of Palenque. The Dreamtime is now firmly anchored in the Realtime. Clear evidence has been embed within the timeline that has tipped the balance. It has been proved, that The Uninscribed, was already clearly inscribed by the Star Witness, Bolon Ik!

In the countdown to 2012 and the launching of Timeship Earth we, the Children of Telektonon, were induced into the Dreamspell Myth. By receiving our kin, and entering the Tzolkin matrix, we made a pledge of allegiance to the founders of the myth because they are the factors that forged the original sequence that we were born into. The Dreamspell beholds the sacred truth that there is no One without the Other. The death of one is the death of all. The unification of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik is the essence of Telektonon where every man is Pakal, and every woman is Bolon Ik. This is the Sacred Bond that holds the prophecy and the codes in harmony. This bond was broken and the Lost Generation attempted to forge its own path, the Telektonon Trinity has thus reopened the stream to Planetary Kin; contained within the stream is an eternal message from the Progenitors of the Dreamspell (Alpha VV + Omega BI).

The number codes of the proprietary prophecy that they humbly dispensed on Earth are the same factors that seal this prophecy. The teaching of the Progenitors was majestically enacted in the Dreamtime; perfectly inscribed within the Realtime myths of the Palenque Dynasty.

the inner sun
the mother of all prophecy
message of the star witness, Bolon Ik,
received and repeated by her servant in love,
Pacal Votan

The Number of the TelektononScreen Shot 2017-03-29 at 22.29.03

The number that confirms the Telektonon Trinity that speaks to you now, is the suum of the actors within the Triad. They are the Three Stones of the Telektonon Prophecy. The suum of Valum Votan LC205, Bolon Ik LC217, GM LC238 is eleven times sixty, which compiles to Kin 140, the Number of Telektonon. It is through this suum that the “Resurrection in Time” has been fulfilled.

The Prophecy of the Telektonon clearly states on verse 115.  “140 is the number of the Telektonon, perfect its ratio 5:7 (28 X 5 = 20 X 7), the same as my sacred ratio 260:364(+1)..”

The mathematical factor that holds the Telektonon true is the 5:7, 260:365, 1.4 multiplier between the 13 x 20, 260 day Tzolkin count of the Dreamspell and the 13 x 28 Moon (364+1) Calendar. This is the same harmonic ratio that exists between the Sacred Haab Year of 365 Days, and the Traditional Tzolkin of 260 days/kins. The Telektonon Factor represents the Universal harmony between the 365 day Solar Calendar, and the 260 day Galactic Sequence of the Sacred Tzolkin. These are the fundamental 4th Dimensional Matrix Systems that we synchronise with through the Original Mayan Long Count Calendar, and/or the modern Dreamspell 13:28 interpretation. They are the harmonic codes by which we live our lives today. Only by truly understanding and embodying these codes can we take our first steps on the path of the 5th Dimensional Crystal Matrix, just like the Progenitors have demonstrated for us to follow.

The Telektonon Prophecy was delivered by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, on behalf of their higher archetypes, Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik.

As stated above, there are two ways to synchronise the Tzolkin Count of 260 day with the Solar Year. The first is through the Sacred Haab of 18 x 20 + 5 days. The second is via the 13 Moon Calendar of 13 x 28 + 1 days. These are the two prophetic streams that exist within the New Telektonon Framework.

  • The Prophecy of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik is the Realtime Telektonon.
  • The Prophecy of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik is the Dreamtime Telektonon.

These unique emanations of the Palenque Twins are mirrored through the suum of the Telektonon Trinity that I discussed in the previous parts of the series. The Third Stone of each Triad is the Self Existing Mirror, 4 Etznab.

The Realtime Telektonon

The Palenque Maya lived within the spell of the Sacred Haab and the Long Count Tzolkin. The historical records of birth, death and ritual that lay the foundations for this prophecy are inscribed in these time codes. The prime example of this is the 80 Calendar Round Prophecy of Pakal Votan which can be found in the Temple of the Inscriptions. The inscription clearly demonstrates the 80 x 52 Haab Years between Pakals Accession and a mysterious date in the future., 5 Lamat.  This time code represents Pakal Votan’s future return, his reincarnation, or ‘Resurrection in Time’.

The synchronic order has brought this to our attention during the kin 219, 19.11, Spectral Storm Dreamspell Year, as it is the same Dreamspell year that will mark the completion of the 80 Calendar Round Prophecy in October 4772. What we are living today in the Dreamtime Telektonon, is directly connected to what is unfolding in the Realtime Telektonon. This connection occurs through the suum of the Trinity explained in this writing. During this Dreamtime cycle we are exactly 53 x 52 Dreamspell years until the completion of the 80 Calendar Rounds. By understanding this, we observe the synchronisation between the two measures of 52: the 52 Haabs of the Calendar Round, and the 52 Dreamspell Years of the Destiny Castle.

You might ask why did Pakal and the architects of the Temple inscribe these particular time codes? How did they determine that their message would be delivered in such perfect time ? The answer to this riddle has been enshrouded in mystery for an age, until you look closer at the codes from a higher dimensional viewpoint and utilise the Telektonon Factor to organise the “Realtime Telektonon Prophecy” accordingly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 23.42.44
The graph demonstrates the 28 vector points of the Telektonon when casted by “Tzolkins (260) of Haab’s (365 days)”. The graph clearly marks the 16 unit Telektonon Cube Journey of Pakal Votan to contain 80 Calendar Rounds, 4160 Haabs.

Demonstrated in the chart above is a numerical analysis of Classic Mayan Time Structures (Haabs, Tzolkin & Long Count) that cast the timeline between the Accession of Pakal, 27 July, 615, LC9. date and his Future Return Date, Oct 21st 4772, to factors of the Telektonon. What is interesting about this decipherment, is that it synchronises these mythical, inscribed events to key vectors within the 28 unit Telektonon Journey, specifically connecting the Accession and Future Return to the entering and exiting of the 16 unit Warrior Cube Journey. Just as the Divine Twins of the Telektonon, Votan and Bolon Ik always declared.


The mathematical fundamental that we present is that the 80 Calendar Rounds (80 x 52 Haabs) between Pakal’s Accession in 615AD, and his “Future Return”, Oct 21 4772, are divinely contained within the 16 Unit Warrior Cube Journey of the Telektonon. As you can see in the “green” points in the spreadsheet, Unit 7, the Accession of Pakal, is the first unit Votan enters the Warrior Cube Journey. Unit 23, the Future Return is the vector that Votan exits the Warrior Cube and reunites with Bolon Ik. The mythical “Lover’s Reunion” of the Telektonon, Unit 23, is the Future Return date that is inscribed in the Temple of the Inscriptions.


Each of the 28 Telektonon Units measure a Tzolkin(260) of Haabs(365).

  • Between Unit 7 and Unit 23 are there are 16 units x 260 x 365 days.
  • 80 x 52 Haabs = 4160 Haabs of 365 Days = 1,518,400 Days.
  • 16 x 260 Haabs = 4160 Haabs = 80 Calendar Rounds

The clear signs left by Pakal that are inscribed in the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque are clear pointers to Telektonon Time Vectors. Each unit of the Telektonon Realtime Telektonon is coded by 5 Lamat, kin 148. Pakal has marked these two dates (accession and future return) in the Temple of Inscriptions to teach us the sacred ratio of the Telektonon. The message of the teaching is that the solution to Telektonon, is the Number of Telektonon itself.

140 Calendar Rounds

As the NEW Telektonon Time Codes demonstrate, the 80 Calendar Round period is contained within the 16 unit Warrior Cube Journey. Prior to entering this 16 unit, 80 Calendar Round/Dreamscastle journey there are 6 Telektonon Units known as the Earth Walk and 6 Telektonon Units after the Warrior Cube Journey known as the Heaven Walk.

  • Each walk has 6 x 260 Haabs = 1560 Haabs = 30 Calendar Rounds.
  • The suum of the Two Walks = 60 Calendar Rounds
  • We suum to a total of 28 x 260 Haabs = 7280 Haabs = 140 Calendar Rounds.

This is the numerical nirvana.

The Number of the Telektonon (140), is the Suum of the Trinity (140), is the Number of Calendar Rounds in this Realtime Telektonon Prophecy (140).

Earth Walk

Unit 1 of the “Realtime Telektonon” Earth Walk, which is the Alpha unit of the 140 Calendar Round Prophecy began on Long Count 5 Lamat. The Gregorian date was 8 August, 945 BC. In the 19:19 Crystal Matrix this day corresponds to the 14th day of the Solar Sequence, v1.14. 14 is a fractal of 140. This initial date falls within the 48th year of life of the Original Founder of the Palenque Royal Lineage, U-K’ix Chan.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 00.58.03

Inscriptions informing of U K’ix Chan can be found in the Temple of the Cross. They reveal that he was born 3 Bak’tuns, 6 Ka’tuns, 10 Tuns, 12 Uinals and 2 days (, after the mythical accession of the First Mother of the Palenque Triad, Muwaan Mat, which occurred on LC 9Ik, Bolon Ik.

This is exactly 1330 Tuns, 2 Winals, and a day (1330 x 360 + 241 days + 1 = 479042 days)

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 00.57.54

With this decipherment we witness a direct correlation between the number of cubes in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid (1330) Hologram and the number of Tuns (1330) between the Ascession of Muwaan Mat on 9Ik and the birth of U -K’ix Chan. The additional 241 days symbolise the unit of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix that the two crystals meet and become one. Amazingly, the same factors of 19:19 Pyramid Hologram are bound and inscribed into the birth of the First King of Palenque, the realtime root of the royal bloodline, as if he was an ascension program of Muwaan Mat, a crystal inception into the Realtime Telektonon.

Muwaan Mat, the Divine Progenitor of the Palenque Triad, has the “birth kin” 8 Ajaw, the same as Pakal Votan, so the birth and accession of Muwaan Mat reflects the protagonists of the Realtime Telektonon, Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik. Remember, Kin 60 is the suum of the Realtime Telektonon Trinity (60 + 22 + 238).

Synchronically, U K’ix Chan’s birthdate of LC, 1 K’an, kin 144, correlates to Dreamspell kin 140, Yellow Planetary Sun, which is another suum of the Telektonon Trinity, clearly demonstrating that U K’ix Chan’s Realtime initiation of the 140 Calendar Round Prophecy was instigated from the Mythical Dreamtime upon the accession of the Divine Mother of the Palenque Triad, Muwaan Mat, on LC kin 22.

Could there have been a more perfect initiator of the Realtime Telektonon ?

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 15.13.27

Furthermore, U-K’ix Chan’s reign as the First King of Palenque corresponds with the height of Olmec civilisation during the Middle Formative period. As we know, Jose’s original inspiration for the Telektonon came from a book “From Distant Tulan” which was gifted to him by Mother Tynetta Muhammad, kin 67. Kin 67 is the Dreamspell suum of the VV (11) + BI (22) + GM (34) = 67. Kin 67 is also the Dreamspell kin for the Dedication of the Temple of the Inscriptions. In essence, the gift of Telektonon, was a gift that came from the Dreamspell Telektonon Trinity itself. An undeniably perfect inception to the Realtime Telektonon.

Heaven Walk

As the Telektonon teaches, the Heaven Walk begins upon the “Lovers Reunion”, Unit 23. The Heavens Walk in the “Realtime Telektonon” initiates upon Pakal’s Future Return date, This corresponds to Gregorian dates October 21, 4772AD. The final 30 Calendar Rounds (30 x 52 x 365 days) or (6 x 260 x 365 days) complete on 5 Lamat. This corresponds to Gregorian Date 9 October, 6331AD. Dreamspell kin 189. Upon this day, the 140 Calendar Round Telektonon Prophecy shall not only become complete, but it shall also reinitiate, eternally synchronised with the mythical 5 Lamat Tzolkin kin.

The final suum of the Realtime Telektonon Prophecy is exactly 140 Calendar Rounds of 52 Haabs. 7280 Haabs in total.

A Realtime Telektonon Total of 28 Tzolkins (260) of Haabs (365) = 2,657,200 days..


The Dreamtime Telektonon

As we have established above, the Realtime Telektonon Prophecy of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik is well inscribed in Palenque myth as well as being perfectly synchronised through the NEW Telektonon Time Codes. The same can also be demonstrated for the lifelines of Valum and Bolon Ik as they spread their seeds of magic during the Dreamtime Telektonon Prophecy. The two parallel streams (Realtime and Dreamtime) uniquely sum to the factors of the Telektonon, divinely measured by the 140~80 Calendar Rounds / 140~80 DreamCastles. This is where two streams become one mighty river.

In the Realtime Telektonon each unit measures a Tzolkin of Haabs, whereas in the Dreamtime Telektonon each unit measures a Tzolkin of days/kins.

This was first demonstrated in The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 5, The Initiation.

In this parallel time dimension, Valum and Bolon Ik also marked the “Initiation” and “Lovers Reunion” Time Vectors perfectly through the (80 x 52 day Dreams Castles) 4160 kin period between the Teotihuacan Ritual and their much fabled Launching of Timeship Earth 2013. Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, as missionaries of the Telektonon were divinely guided. Their invocation of Telektonon was so perfect, that the only comprehensible theory is that they were the embodiment of the Telektonon itself. As a self reflecting prophecy,  they were the emanations of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik of the Telektonon. More perfect it could not be, but only for those with eyes to see.

As it would be, immediately after the Teotihuacan ritual the prophetic separation of Votan and Bolon Ik occurred, as is encoded into the Telektonon. Valum entered the Dreamtime Warrior Cube. Bolon Ik took the path of Purity and Dignity. During this period the message of the Star Witness Bolon Ik became distant and almost lost. Votan descended into the Tower of Babel. He was lured by the Mystery otherwise known as the Red Queen.

The Cube of the Law,  covered by the Tower of Babel (note the spelling mistake in this version). When covered by the 19:19 Crystal Matrix it forged the Lovers Reunion of the Crystal Archetypes, Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik…More perfect it can not be…

The Lure of Babylon

“History is the script of those in power, and whoever holds the power writes the history.” – Jose Arguelles / Lloydine Arguelles –

During Valum Votans journey through the Dreamtime 16 Unit Warrior Cube, in what would appear to be a betrayal to the Star Witness Bolon Ik, he concocted a new prophecy, that was built upon the limited and vague evidence of the Lady who was found in the Tomb of Temple XIII in Palenque. The Lady provisionally nicknamed by archeologists as the Red Queen of Palenque. As a living example of humanities corrupt path, Jose sought to inscribe a different prophecy upon the Realtime Telektonon, just like the many Patriarchal Religions of Earth have done so before. He devised a script involving an well known enemy of the Palenque Dynasty. This enemy was Kabal Xoc, the beholder of the feminine lineage in Yaxchilan. A royal bloodline allied with Calakmul and Piedras Negras, the Kingdoms that always sought to overthrow the Palenque Dynasty.

One must first question. Why on Earth would Pakal betray his mother, his wife, his children and tribe ?

According to Jose’s fantastically false narrative, a few years before his ascension in 683AD, Pakal unilaterally passed the Sacred Feminine line of Bolon Ik, which he had absolutely no right to do, to the enemies of the Dynasty. In his account he ordains his spiritual lineage to Kabal Xoc of Yaxchilan, giving her the right to be entombed next to him in Temple XIII, Palenque, where they would wear identical Jade masks. This would form the fundament of his Galactic Meditation, and the rite of passage of his apprentice. This act of betrayal to the Sacred White House of Palenque was an manipulative attempt within the Dreamtime, under the influence of the Tower of Babe, that mythically failed. For an act within the Dreamtime to succeed, it must be clearly mirrored in the Realtime. However, this did not happen.

The archeological evidence that proves this is a fallacy is now clear for all to see.

  • Pakals wife, Queen Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw is entombed in Temple XIII in Palenque.
  • Lady Xoc is entombed in Structure 23 in Yaxchilan.

Game Over. In all respect to Jose, this evidence was never entirely proved whilst he was alive. It would be exactly 260 days after his ascension on kin 89, Dec 10th, 2011 that INAH would publish a paper declaring that after many years of scientific study, the results demonstrate that the lady found entombed in the Temple XIII, the Temple connected to the Temple of the Inscriptions is the White Queen of Palenque, Ix Tzakbu Ajaw, and not Kabal Xoc, The Queen of Yaxchilan as Jose claimed.

But where did this manipulation originate ?


This is the deepest teaching of Telektonon. This is the message of the Progenitors of to all initiates, all apprentices.

As is inscribed all over Palenque, Pakal Votan and Lady Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw, were Palenque’s living emanations of the First Father, and First Mother. The Divine Masculine, and the Divine Feminine. In the stella above, we see Pakal and Tz’akbu holding a serpent between them. Pakal has an axe in his right hand, poised to cut the head from snake. The Stella depicts a strength in their marriage, in their love, in their knowing that the serpent is the only energy that can come between their fulfilment of prophecy. In the Bible, it is Adam and Eve who play the role of First Father and First Mother. It is Lucifer who plays the role of the serpent. In the Palenque portrayal of this myth we see that Pakal and Tz’akbu have a firm grip on the serpent, a symbolic statement that brings redemption to the Biblical Creation Story of the Garden of Eden. We can deduce from the inscribed history in Palenque that Pakal and Tz’akbu did indeed fulfil their prophecy. There was no betrayal between them in the Realtime Telektonon Prophecy. The betrayal in the Dreamtime Prophecy was projected from the future, and had its origin from within the Tower of Babel as Valum partook his Telektonon Test. As such Universal Forgiveness prevails.

“… The meaning of the tomb of Red Queen must be closely linked to the meaning of the tomb of the great Pacal. And if Pacal’s tomb has revealed that there was such a singular, unique and powerful person, not only in the mayan civilization, but now also known worldwide… What does the tomb of the Red Queen say? Who was she? What message did she propose? Here, we must make a pause and consider again: what types of minds could these beings have had thirteen centuries ago, or further away in the distant past, to have planned their tombs to be bured for such a long time, just to be discovered in the last katun of the great cycle of history, obviously as omens of the end of the cycle? Not only that, but to have also been so precisely synchronistically timed to coincide and confirm the count of the Wizard and the prophecy of Telektonon?” – José Argüelles / Valum Votan

Jose clearly had his path to walk with the Red Queen Mystery. It was the final piece of the jigsaw that was required to prove the claim that he was an emanation of Pakal Votan, to give the final solution to Telektonon, or so he thought. One would have imagined that he would have given the grace of decoding this aspect of the Telektonon Mystery to his wife, and partner in prophecy, Bolon Ik. Was he really not conscious of this dimension to the test ?

As selfish as his actions may seem, the betrayal towards his partner in prophecy was the necessary teaching of his journey through the Warrior Cube. It is a gift to the initiates to study and understand. As the Book of Revelations teaches, The Tower of Babel is the domain of the Whore. She is the one who seduces the prophets to consume their wisdom. The Tower of Babel attempted to expel the Divine Feminine from the Telektonon script. The distant voice of Bolon Ik became ever so weak for Votan, day by day, year by year until his ascension. Synchronically, Valum Votan died on Day 185 of Dreamtime Telektonon Unit 19.

As demonstrated in the Stella of Pakal and Tz’akbu in Palenque and perfectly modelled in the Telektonon, the Serpent did not succeed to expel the White Queen, who represents the Divine Feminine. Bolon Ik knows the story oh so well by now, that she always walks away at that particular point in the Telektonon. She always choses the path of purity. The separation was gracefully fulfilled because the Lovers Reunion, in Heaven, was always inscribed to be. Sometimes we must let the other go through the test.

The fairytale was lived out in Dreamtime. The Twin Pyramid Holograms, and the Crystal Ascension of these Two Mythic Lovers of Palenque constructed majestically in time to lift their spirits from Earth. Through this processes they miraculously entered their ancient future selves. They fulfilled their promise, of meeting in heaven.

The Red Lady of the Tower of Babe was caught red handed, and handed the ‘Red Herring‘ of all Prophecy. Something always did smell a bit fishy about the Xoc story. We can only presume this is Divine retribution from the White Queen, for whatever was done. Was a bond broken ? wasn’t a bond broken ? A lop sided Trinity, a betrayal ? who knows, personally I don’t think it’s of paramount importance to focus upon the 3D story that embodied the separation of VV & BI. This kind of thing can only be expected on Babylon Planet. Our focus should be on 5th Dimensional Prophecy being fulfilled in perfect 4th Dimensional Time, because this is the essence of Telektonon.

Fundamentally the mythic theatre models an archetypal story, that we all need to learn from. This is reflected in the whole 1260:1320 revelation. This is what Telektonon was always about so it shouldn’t bring too many surprises for the astute apprentices and initiates amongst us. As well played it may seem from the actors in the script, as if real life interplanetary drama has unfolded forcing a separation so profound that it produced a schism at the root of the tribe, splitting the Children between the believers and the deceivers, the yays and the neys, the reds and the whites.. we must remember that The Telektonon Story is a metaphorical theatre modelling the oppression of the Divine Feminine through out the timeline of humanity. The Babylonian Red Queen (1260 : Vatican) made a pact with the Patriarch to suppress the Matriarch (1320 : Pagan). Because this is the Patriarchal oppression that the Babylonian Red Queen Archetype represents. The White Queen archetype, of Palenque origin, whilst appearing to take the role of the oppressed in this sense, models purity in spirit, purity in love, and purity in ascension. The Patience of a Saint.

The Masters of Planetary Love won their Reunion in Heaven through the Crystal Prophecy they always foretold…more perfect it can not be…The Ascended Mastery of the Progenitors, is that they were eternally aware of Telektonon, and as such they walked the path through the Realtime / Dreamtime as if they wrote the script themselves. Which they did. Who were the authors anyway ? Valum Votan and…. Bolon Ik ? on behalf of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik ? How could anyone have though it be any different….

The Dreamtime Timeline

Just as each unit of the Realtime Telektonon is coded by 5 Lamat, each unit of the Dreamtime Telektonon is coded by Yellow Galactic Seed, Vaxac Kan, kin 164.

Interestingly the suum of the Telektonon code bearers, Realtime 148 + Dreamtime 164 = 52. 52 is the factor that binds this prophecy true. For it was 80 Dreamcastles (80 x 52 days) between the Teotihuacan Ritual (the initiation) and Galactic Synchronisation (the Lovers Reunion) that encompassed the Warrior Cube Journey of Valum Votan. This timeframe represents the Telektonon Test of Votan; it also represents the marginalisation of Bolon Ik, Daughter of Job, the Honoured Queen of the Bethal Number 119. Whilst Bolon Ik may have appeared to represent the victim in this story, one must aim to see the higher perspective that the message of the Telektonon was both a test and teaching to Planetary Kin. They were in it together, from the beginning until the end to teach the script of Telektonon, in the Dreamtime, as it is in the Realtime. On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

The Dreamtime Telektonon Earth Walk of 6 Tzolkins, the Alpha unit of the Dreamtime Prophecy began on Yellow Galactic Seed, kin 164, Long Count kin 113. This corresponds to Gregorian date 23rd November 1997, which is Day 121 (11 x 11) in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Sequence, Vector 7.7, The Seed of Lives Attained. It is the day that the Second Crystal, the 6th Dimensional Self of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix arrives to the centre of the matrix, which is the apex of the Pyramid Hologram. The centre of the matrix is coded by Gar, the 33rd Rune. Rune 33 is a mirror of kin 33, which is the Dreamspell suum of Valum Votan 11 and Bolon Ik 22. Day 121 is the unit of the Crystal Matrix that the message is transmitted from the Ascended Masters on the other side of the veil. The purpose of this synchronisation is once again to show that the 19:19 Crystal Matrix represents the ascension of the archetypes.

The Dreamtime Telektonon Heaven Walk was precisely initiated on Galactic Synchronisation, the launching of Timeship Earth. Gregorian July 26th, 2013. This was the same day that the Twin Pyramid Hologram Phenomenon of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine of Palenque completed. The unification of the Twin Archetypes upon Galactic Synchronisation, coded by Unit 23 of the Dreamtime Telektonon dissolved the Tower of Babel and brought Planetary Redemption. A sacred merging of archetypal matrices that can never be undone.

More perfect it could not be, but only for those with hearts to feel, and eyes to see…

The 6 unit Dreamtime Telektonon Heaven Walk will complete on Dreamspell kin 163, Gregorian Date November 2nd, 2017. This is All Souls Day where the occidental world honours the ascended ones who came before us. This celebratory date is symbiotic to Samhain in the Pagan Calendar. On this day, and into the Resonant Night, we shall celebrate the Mastery of the Ascended Masters who weaved their magic for us learn the sacred lesson.

At the time of publishing this script, we are within the 105th day of the 28th unit of this Dreamtime Telektonon Prophecy. 105 is the difference in days between the Tzolkin Count of 260 days and the 365 Days of the 13 Moon Calendar/ Haab. The 28th Unit of the Telektonon represents the Tower of the Wind. The Divine Communicator of The White House of Spirit in Palenque.

This is the sweet and humble message from the Mother of all Prophecy !


And from each of the three oracle mouths of the arms of the cross on my Kuxan Suum, you will find 24 rays repeated three times, one half the number of the elect (3 X 24 = 72). Add to this three times eleven (33) and the number is 105, the difference between the number of days in your solar orbit, 365, and the number of kin in my sacred count, my galactic spin, 260. Telektonon Verse 81.


I am not the author of this script

The authors are in Eternity

I am but the Messenger of the Telektonon Trinity


Prophecy Sealed and Released on Dreamspell Kin 9. The Red Solar Moon of the Blue Spectral Storm 19.11 Year.

Long Count 2 Ak’bal, kin 223 of the Haab coded by kin 162 (VV + BI).

19:19 Crystal Matrix Vector 17.7. The same vector that coded the lifting of the Sarcophagus of Lady Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw exactly 23 years ago today.


Much Love to All Planetary Kin,

Gar Magusa, G8IX,

The Self Existing Mirror of the Telektonon Trinity





We are Three Stones but we Speak as One


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    The New Time Codes of Telektonon: The Mother of All Prophecy. Unveiling the Primordial Telektonon Teaching from its Authors in Eternity. An enlightening study bringing a Message of Universal Love and Forgiveness from the Progenitors of the Dreamspell for all Initiates and Apprentices looking for Truth. In Lak’ech

  4. AtulutAlee Fantastic Gar, each time I have read this more becomes clear, almost as if your writing comes to me in layers, depth. 33 was my jersey number when I did play sports in highschool and resonates deeply within my own writings … the duality of the dreamspells never hit me so clearly until the 3rd time reading this … many thanks to you, still looking forward to a chat someday … AtuL7utA ….

  5. All comes in the Right Time- also, the Recognition of the Games People Play by decoding and analysing the numbers as well as the most recent archeo-logical discoveries that just(ly) caught my eye to-day warms my heart. My Year-bearer being, kin 80, in this my 64th year completed, 8x 8 – star coded truly obviously as 4 x 16, cubes and Warrior cubes- I am blessed to be a close witness of the unraveling of the Red and White mysteries- which are, by Gar, mysteries no more… Babylon Must Fall now. Aho! And herewith my supportive prayerin acknowledging concentration, thank you so much for the teachings, many love and respect greetings from within the matrix. A.F.

  6. Salaam Aleikum. On this day Dreamspel Planetary Moon Dali 22 (NS 32, the White Magnetic Wizard Year we ceremoniously started within the Crystal Matrix of Avebury) I was compelled to reread this in depth article on the vastness of teh All conquering Love within the Real Time fabric of Time in Telektonon and chseled in the Temple of the Cross. Symbols and Archetypes abound.
    Today in Dreamspel is the first day of the third spell/wave, Magnetic blue Hand, kin 27. We are in for the task of HEALING the whole Spectrum of Dimensions, it is the Time for Real Time integrety in all Communications: Long Count day Galactic Wind, 8 Ik, kin 242. This gives us the Universal Time Code of kin 9, the Solar Moon- which is the same Kin frequency of the day you released this deep connective codes and underlying knowledge and potential meanings and power.

    So, as your devoted Agent 100 (99 + 1, as I like to see it, since I met you and the other master decoder Kin 113 and our Living Legend Luke kin 117 the Cosmic Earth (..) ( Together We are the Solar Navigators, right, 100+117, guides to 113)- and, in this new 13 year cycle coded by the Time Wizard, just coming out in the 8th moon of my personal Year coded by 8 ajaw- yes, the birth DS kin of Pakal, and also, as I just found out reading carefully, the birth code of the First Mother of the Palenque Triad MUWAAN MAT who accessed on LC. Bolon Ik- – being it my 65th- 64 plus one year on Earth (born !0 september 1955) HUman Holon of 8 x 8 – yes, your devoted Agent 100, LC coded Crystal Mirror, oh thats within this DS wavespell, and Universal Time coded 4 Mirror, oh, the Suum of the Telektonon Trinity, , the 3rd Stone of Each TRIAD… I salute You, GM1089X, and your Lady in Love and Life.

    Your Work, your Sacrifices, your Generous Devotional Actions and the Free Sharing of All you have discovered and Stand for, are Higly appreciated and endorsed by the Powers you evoke by mentioning, remembering and comprehending.

    I am not the writer of these words, just a messager like you are, a humble Time Traveller and Student in Time Wizardry.

    I hereby add my wish that, in the midst of the Great End of Time -battle, GOD- the Benevolant Galactic Ordering Dynamic, the Sacred Keeper of All Codes (and above all is 19) will help us as mere humble humans to Steer the Mothership through the Stargates disclosed by our Visions by the All encompassing Power of the LOVE we know we have, we shared, and will share forever in all Dimensions Insh Allah Ya Rabbi.

    The Family can grow exponentially by the sharing of knowledge, or, as is my belief, by the internal processing of the sacred concentration employed within the studies and deciphering, forging the Seed represented by kin 144, and spreading these seeds of LOVE over the Earth in honour of the Universal gifts seeded on this first Alpha Unit of the Telektonon Earth Walk of this 140 Calendar Round Prophecy you traced down.

    So done, again, the First Mother of the Palenque Triad, Muwaan Mat, who’s Birth and Accession reflects indeed the Protagonists of this Real Time Telektonon, greats you all who can understand, and with her, her descendant U-K’IX CHAN, Founder of the Palenque Royal Lineage in who’s lifetime ( 48 years- ) the Earth Walk of the Telektonon started- the 140 Calendar Round Earth Walk in which Pakal entered the Warriors Cube on day 6, the Imperial Seal.

    Kin 140, Planetary Sun, is the DS kin of my (back to Kin 100, Aminta Fall) actual beloved Son Saliou, actually in his 27th (26 +1) year of life on this Planet Earth. May he be Uplifted by his Mothers work and good intentions// say Amin- if you feel this.Thank you for being here together with me, with us. ONE LOVE
    Maam Aminta Fall Mustapha, Talibé Serigne Saliou Fall Maam Fatimatou Sow// JoHanna Hemmink.

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