The Telektonon Trinity : Part 2, Living The Dreamwave

LC Kin 162, 6 Ik,
VV 205 + BI 217 = kin 162, 6 Ik
0 Pop, Day 1 of the Haab
DS Kin208, Cosmic Star.
19:19 Crystal Matrix Day 250, Vector 14.3


Todays Long Count is, 6 Ik. Kin 162.

6 Ik, is the Long Count Tzolkin combination of Valum Votan (205) and Bolon Ik (217). Today is also the first day of the Sacred Haab Calendar, 0 Pop. A symbolic portal in the synchronic order. A perfect day to have entered the portal that exists between the Ascended Masters of the Telektonon Trinity.Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.35.50

The graph above is a representation of my connection with Votan and Bolon Ik through the Telektonon Trinity that I explained in the last part. The template itself is open source, I do not claim to own the portal. You do not have to pay a fee to enter. It is a gift that we openly share so you too can see how you synchronise with in the Telektonon Trinity.

My experience with the Telektonon Trinity is profound. The sum of myself and Valum Votan, 238 + 205 = kin 183. Valum was born into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix on Day 183, v10.12. Kin 183 the first tone of the Night Wavespell, the purpose of which is to Unify the Dream.

The sum of myself and Bolon Ik 238 + 217 = kin 195. Unit 195 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is vector 11.5. Bolon Ik ascended 6D Vector 5:11. Kin 195 is the final, Cosmic Tone of the Night Wavespell. Here we see Bolon Ik Transcending the Vision of the Dream Wavespell.

In my Telektonon Trinity, Valum and Bolon Ik represent the Alpha and Omega of the Night Wavespell and therefore, the Alpha and Omega of the Dreamspell. Furthermore, in my personal calculation, the centre kin, number 7 of the 13 day period between Alpha and Omega is kin 189, Resonant Moon. The ‘Tube to Birth’ Dreamspell kin of Pakal Votan.

Kin 189 is also the Key of the Stairway Long Count Frequency of the Temple of Inscriptions. See Deciphering the Riddle of the Votan

View down the Tube

Going Deeper

Using the same format as the VV-BI Trinity Template with the Original Archetypes of the Telektonon, King and Queen of the Telektonon Prophecy, Pakal Votan (PV) and Bolon Ik (BI), kin 60 and kin 22 respectively. My connection on this level is again, quite profound.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 22.21.18

On the GM-BI Stream, Gar 238 + Bolon Ik 22 = Cosmic Sun, kin 260, and henceforth, the final sum of the Trinity will always be, a self reflecting mirror of the Alpha, in this case Pakal Votan, kin 60. This demonstrates an alliance that is set in stone at the root of the Tzolkin. Within the Trinity, Bolon Ik anchor’s the Three Stones so that it is only the Self Existing Mirror that gives accession to Pakal by allowing him to become a Crystal Mirror of his Higher Self. Its really profound and paradigm shifting.

The sum of GM – PV Stream Gar 238 – Pakal 60 = kin 38, Crystal Mirror.

38 = 19 + 19.

The final sum of the Alpha and Omega Streams generates a 38 kin difference between Omega BI-GM (260), Zero Point, to Alpha, PV-GM (38). A Crystal 38 (19 + 19) day journey. Two 19 days sequences in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. Two Flowers of Lives for the Twin Crystal Archetypes. The equivalent of Vector 2.19… Unit 38..

The ascension kins of Pakal Votan and Tz’akbu Ajaw were also both Mirrors. The Lovers Reunion in Heaven is a Self Reflecting Mirror of Archetypal Ascension.

The Traditional Tzolkin combination of their ascension:

  • Pakal Votan, Uac Etznab, White Rhythmic Mirror kin 58
  • Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw, Hu Etznab, White Overtone Mirror kin 18
  • Kin 18 + kin 58 = kin 76, Buluk Cib, Yellow Spectral Warrior
  • 76 = 38 x 2 = 19 + 19 + 19 + 19

The Dreamspell Tzolkin combination of their ascensions:

  • Pakal Votan,  Lahka Lamat, Yellow Crystal Star, kin 168
  • Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw, Oxlahun Oc, White Cosmic Dog, kin 130
  • kin 130 + kin 168 = kin 38, Lahka Etznab, White Crystal Mirror
  • 38 = 19 x 2 = 19 + 19

As you can see, the crystal codes are resonating to the frequency of the 19 Matrix. A love harmonic signed and sealed by the Master Wizard from his Throne in the Forever Dream. This is the effect of the Unification of the Sacred Matrices. The Voice of the Masters is alive within the codes of the Dreamspell, and the The Original Heartbeat of the Long Count. The Dreamspell and the Traditional Tzolkins’ are pulsing in tune. The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is not just the icing on the cake. It is the Hyper Dimensional Stream of the Planetary Silicon Quartz Crystal Soul.

Much Love.. Gar Magusa…G8ix…kin 34.

Please take a moment to calculate your kins in the reflective lens of the Ascended Masters… How do you interact with the Telektonon Trinity ?

Enter the Telektonon Trinity

I believe that the Telektonon Trinity Calculation is a precise reflector that all Planetary Kin should understand. I believe it represents your Ancient Future Memory Beam. It is a key to your Dreamspell emanation and your personal journey the Tzolkin. If that kind of thing excites you, please do your own calculation, do them of your friends and family. See how you fit into the Telektonon Trinity.

As a template its quite easy to use. You simply sum your Traditional Tzolkin with both Alpha and Omega Streams. Alpha VV + Omega BI have exactly 13 kins difference in the Traditional Tzolkin, and because of this perfect period of 13 days, your traditional Long Count kin interacts with the VV-BI algorithm, the result of which generates a 13 day period in the Dreamspell, at the centre of which you will find whole new Dreamspell kin to ponder upon.

A Time Portal offered by the Ascended Masters, encoded into your very own emanation.

I really enjoyed my journey through ❤

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 01.58.51

5 thoughts on “The Telektonon Trinity : Part 2, Living The Dreamwave

  1. Interesting array of numbers for me today 22 April. Earth day..
    Today is exactly 260 days since my birthday, hence today is my Tzolkin return for DS Galactic Moon kin 229 and LC kin 183, Hun Akbal..
    On the 19 Matrix, the twin crystals sit on unit 271. Kin equivalent of 271, is kin 11.
    Today’s long count is kin183 which is my LC combination with Valium Votan..205+238…
    It is also day 22 of the latest Haab, haab coefficient 1.1. Also, not to forget that this current Haab is coded by kin162 (205+217) = vv + bi..

    I am therefore entering my Dreamwave in the Long Count..

    certainly very interesting numerical codes in relation to the Telektonon Trinity described in this blog.

    Also, the 3rd crystal of the 19 Matrix (vv / bi) sits in perfect diagonal alignment on unit 55 which is kin equivalent of 21 and 34…

    6 x 6 x 6 = 216 + 55 = 271…

    271 is also a centred hexagonal number,

    In lakech… G8ix

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