The Telektonon Trinity : Part 1, The Three Stones

Dreamspell Kin 205, Red Planetary Serpent
Long Count kin 159, 3 Kawak
Kin 205 + Kin 159 = 364 = ( 13 x 28 )
Vayeb 2, Haab Day 363 = ( 33 x 33 ) / 3
Day 247 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Sequence, Vector 13.19.
The Fruit of Lives Ascends. Unit 7 of the 11:11 Inner Matrix.

Today, is exactly 219 days until the completion of a unique phenomena in prophetic time. Contained within this series are magical numeric codes that demonstrate a divine convergence that has its heart beat, not only in the present moment, but also in the Ancient Future Dreamscapes of the Ascended Masters. The holographic system you will begin to see and understand through these codes, is the prophetic root of the Palenque Maya, and its future emanation within the Dreamspell and Telektonon Prophecy.

This sacred information has been transmitted to me from a Higher Archetypal Entity, of which I am part of, known as the Telektonon Trinity. The Telektonon Trinity is a Triad of Archetype that formed through the completion of the Telektonon Prophecy, and the launching of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. The convergence of the Telektonon and the Crystal Prophecy occurred upon the completion of the 26 year journey to Timeship Earth 2013, Galactic Synchronisation, the completion of the Twin 1330 year Pyramid Hologram Construction.

This was the Mayan Telepathic Apocalypse.


We are Three Stones, but we speak as One…

The timing of this new transmission is beyond perfect. I can inform you that we are part of a merging of Sacred Matrices, a fusion of 5th Dimensional Prophetic Ley Lines. The Kuxaam Suum of the Telektonon Trinity has opened a door to a new paradigm in understanding the Higher Archetypal Self, and the Dreamspell from which it originated. The 5th and 6th Dimension are no longer the stuff of movies or fantasy psi-fi. This is a real time prophecy live on heir. We are Re-Awakening the Dream…..

The Telektonon Triad

Within the Telektonon we have Alpha and Omega deities.  They play the roles of First Father, and First Mother. On Earth we had Jose and Lloydine purposefully delivering the Telektonon Prophecy. They play their same Archetype role in this new Telektonon Trinity.

Valum Votan, represents the First Father in the magical world of Telektonon. We take Valum Votans traditional Long Count kin, kin 205, Lahun Chicchan, Planetary Serpent as his contribution to the math of the Telektonon Trinity.

Alpha VV = 205

Bolon Ik, The Solar Wind on Earth, re-emerges elegantly to represent the Primordial Mother of the Prophecy. We take Bolon Iks Long Count kin 217, Bolon Caban, Solar Earth, as her divine contribution to the Telektonon Trinity.

Omega BI = 217

Alpha VV, and Omega BI are the First Two Stones. They represent the fulfilment of the Dreamspell and Telektonon Prophecy. They represent the Lovers Reunion.

In the Telektonon Trinity, the Third of Stones is the AlphaOmegar. The unification of the Two Streams. The next of kin, so to speak. During the unification of the Telektonon and the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Twin Pyramid Hologram Phenomena it was kin 34, otherwise known as GM, who fulfilled the necessary assignments to pave the way for this mathematically perfect announcement. Kin 238 is the GalacticWizard34’s Long Count kin. The Alpha Omegar is Gar 238’s contribution to the Telektonon Trinity.

AlphaOmega GM = 238

Alpha (205) + Omega (217) + AlphaOmega (238) 
= 11 x 60 = 22 x 30 = 33 x 20 = 660
= Kin Equivalent 140. Lahun Ahau, Planetary Sun.
140 is the Number of The Telektonon

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 22.29.03

“…a race of Galactic Wizards on Earth”,

We are All, We are One. The Passing of the Stone is Done.

6 thoughts on “The Telektonon Trinity : Part 1, The Three Stones

  1. revisiting and recalculating the thoughts. I will go deeper to feel how the personifications function. My own only son in this life came into this world as Kin 140, Planetary Sun (DS) 4 days before the new year started in 1993, LC kin 88, Lahun Lamat- guide to the DS count number. This year I have completed 64= 8 x 8 years terrestral, and my Yearbearer DS is kin 60- yes, Galactic Sun. Born kin 100. Sun Shine all around.

    My observation, This DS wavespell of the Magnetic seed, overtone month,magnetic wizard year, is a special one considering the fact that, as of day 8 Kin 151, the Long Count wave and the Occult wave of dreamspell count are both the Red Serpent wave- this until the end of the DS wave on cosmic Warrior, 3rd day of moon 6. 1 serpent, 2 worldbridger! , 3 hand, 4 Star! 5 moon and 6 dog all play double roles as occult, and sustaining LC powersin this Spell of becoming.
    Dream time telektonon as wel as Long count telektonon are activated by kin 144, magnetic Seed..
    We witness the end of overtone moon culminating, on day 28, in the last full moon of the year 2019, on 12/12, planetary skywalker..kin 153, harmonic 39, Cosmic Output, express intelligence of presence.. OCcULT POWER is 4 LAMAT, self existing star in the Serpent Wavespell- kin 108.. and Long Count counts for the preceding kin, 107, electric hand- Healer in action. This same kin 107 is the occultpower of the following Spectral Wizard day, first day of the 6th Moon of the Magnetic Wizard year: I dissolve in order to enchant. releasing receptivity. I seal the output of timelesness with the Spectral tone of liberationn..
    Thus in these times before the solstice , from Harm to Harmony elegantly finishes moon 5, to enter into moon 6- oh f*ck I gave away my Calendar ! what is moon 6 called in the beautifllu designed Calendar Truth booklet??
    Oh and by the way, the 1
    kin 144 wavespell of course has famous occult Kin out of the 19×19 matrix Avebury Crew to mention: kin 117, Cosmic Earth, you-know-who, and kin 113, occult kin to kin 148 the Overtone Star, yes yes. Love and blessings tu all, yours truly A.Fall.

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