19:19 Crystal Matrix Study Plan

If you are arriving here for the first time, with an interest about the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and how it unfolded into our dimensional consciousness. I suggest you follow the study plan below.

To begin your first steps on this journey, please download and print this image:
Then, you just need to acquire 2 small double terminated quartz crystals to begin.

1. The 19:19 Crystal Matrix
In this post I introduce the original matrix system of the quartz crystal. It is a system that uses 2 double terminated crystals which map your 5D self, and your twin 5D self as they walk within the matrix. Each day you move the crystals . Through the system, each 19 days you create and meditate upon the construction of the double terminated crystal and the Flower of Life.

2. Merkaba Activation From within the 19:19 Matrix
In this blog post I demonstrate how the numerical magic of the matrix creates a perfect Merkaba which fuses your 5D self with your twin 5D self. It can also be visioned as aligning the masculine and feminine aspects of self.

3. Deciphering the Riddle of The Votan
In this post I explain the divine link between Pacal and Valum Votan, and how they manifested perfectly into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix through Day 241, March 23rd. By understanding this you will see how the two archetypal 5D twins are bound within the matrix as a system of ascension.

4. The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube
The story comes in 3 parts, within which I demonstrate the prophecy that synchronises the 5D prophets within a myth of creating a holographic pyramid. This same pyramid is built perfectly between the Death of Pacal Votan, and the arrival to Galactic Synchronisation 2013.It demonstrates how the creation of the holographic pyramid is paramount for the final aspect of the prophecy, where the 2 crystals ascend the hologram to the 6D.

5. Merlins Invocation of Self
In this series of posts, I present the source of the agenda. Merlin, as the highest wizard, is the creator of this system of initiation.

To complement your complete understanding of this. I would suggest you furnish your wisdom with the following subjects, which interacts beautifully within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix system.

1. Dreamspell Tzolkin and 13 Moon Calander

– understanding your 4D Dreamspell and Long Count Mayan kin.
– Jose & Lloydine Arguelles’ work is the best to understand – get to know the 20 solar tribes ,and the 13 harmonic tones.
– The 13 Moon Calendar, the 13 x 28 days cycles and the Day Out of Time.
– Understanding the life of King Pacal and his Temple of Inscriptions Pyramid, and how this correlates to the life of Jose Arguelles. Jose refers to themselves as Votans. Votan is Wotan, is Odin. A master of oracle and time. A master magician.
– Understand the subtle difference between the traditional and Dreamspell count.

The best way to learn all of this is via the http://www.tortuga1320.com website.

2. The Flower of Life
– Drunvalo Melcheveich has written extensively about the subject.

3. The Merkaba Meditation
– There is a lot of resource online about the Merkaba mediation. the Merkaba is your light body, your multidimensional self. It surrounds you, protects you. It is your divine program.

All of this information has been condensed and bound into a beautiful book, a book that will change your perspective on reality.

You can purchase the book here : https://19matrix.org/1919-crystal-matrix-solar-journal

In Lak’ech   Gar  –  VotanIx  –  Kin 34..

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