The Telektonon Trinity : Part 6D, Transmission 1, A Message from the Apex

Alpha~Omega of the Dreamtime Telektonon

DS Kins 163-164 / LC Kins 117-118

Day 260 of the 28th Dreamtime Telektonon Unit

The Realtime-Dreamtime Telektonon Prophecy is a 6th Dimensional transmission beamed from the Apex of Pakals Temple of Inscriptions. It is a message from the Trinity to inform observers, that the merging of the matrices has been fulfilled. Evidence of this sacred process can be found etched throughout the Realtime. The Palenque Dynasty went to great lengths to leave us their truth embedding a prophetic codex deep in Stone and Structure. The purpose of their mythic, megalithic project is becoming clearer. From their Time is Art masterpiece, we have extracted, decoded and re-constructed the Realtime Storyline to a very high precision. We have identified the main actors in the play. Bit by bit the Ancient~Future Crystal Script of the Galactic Maya has been re-rendered in the Dreamtime. Through this stream, we have lived the Future Return when we witnessed the completion of Pakals Pyramid Hologram Ascension into the diminishing Cube of Tz’akbu. We have intimately lived all the milestones in divine resolution. One could say that by completing the Dreamtime Telektonon and by consciously passing over this Omega bridge, we have completed the fractal of the Realtime Telektonon.

This is an Archetypal Awakening and the Temples of the Maya are conduits of telepathic communion with the Original Earth Wizards. They have a story to tell. The Twin Crystal Archetypes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix​ were hidden behind the Twin Masks, of the Twin Tombs, of the Twin Pyramid Hologram Ascensions of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Galactic Maya. Now the masks have been removed, their mysteries are coming to the surface and awakening magic in the hearts of the people who have become enchanted by the tales they are hearing in the winds.

You just have to tune into the story they are transmitting..

Alpha~Omega Inception

I began writing this transmission on the final day of the Dreamtime Telektonon Sequence. 28 ‘Tzolkins of Days’ (7280 kin) since the Dreamtime Telektonon was incepted on DS kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed, November 23rd, 1997.

Day 121 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, Vector 7.7, Seed of Lives Attained. It is the day that second Crystal of the Matrix, 6D Self, arrives to the centre of the 11:11, which is the Apex of the 19:19 Pyramid Hologram.

This unique Alpha Point of Prophecy was auspiciously synchronised to the 121st day of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix / 13:28 Solar Year. Upon the 19:19, the 121st Unit, vector 7.7 is the day when the 6D Crystal Archetype (walks the domain of the 11:11 Inner Matrix), arrives to the centre. 11 x 11 steps = 121 steps. This is the 6D Vector 11:11 within the tetrahedral sequence, where the 6D archetype, of the Inner Matrix, sits in the Apex of the Pyramid Hologram. From this mythic position, the Crystal receives telepathic instructions from behind the veil. The Centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the Apex cube of the Pyramid Hologram. The Apex of The Temple of Inscriptions represents the Ascension~Future Return of Pakal Votan. A Future Return that is witnessed, time, and time again, by the Star Witness, Bolon Ik.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 00.36.26

The centre of the 11:11 Inner Matrix is the centre of the 11:11:11 Cube. In the prophetic and mathemagical cosmology of the 19:11 Matrix fusion, the harmonic activation of these matrices is what seals the magic from the 6th Dimension. 19:11 is the 4th Dimensional frequency, at which 6th Dimensional Magic crystallises. It springs from, and pours out of the epicentre. This is the Seed of Life Attained. This centre point of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is coded by the 33rd Rune, Gar. These runic codes comes from a place beyond the Imaginal Realm or Ego of Self. The prophecy informs that the Rune Gar is the Spear of Odin, and Odin is the Twin of Votan in the 6th Dimension. The Philosophical Spear is the conduit of Archetypal memory that invokes a passage of sacred wisdom, from a 5th Dimensional Self, to a 6th Dimensional Higher Self. This is the teaching of the Crystal Prophecy. Runic legend has it that The Spear of Odin is the magical weapon that never misses its target, and always returns to the hands of the Master. It can penetrate the Veil between the 9 Worlds, and is understood to act like an axis between the different levels of the World Tree.

The 11:11 Inner Matrix


As has been described in detail in Part 4D of this series, the Dreamtime Telektonon Sequence is a fractal of the Realtime Telektonon Sequence. It uses the same Telektonon 28 Unit blueprint where each unit contains a ‘Tzolkins of Haabs’. The Divine Pattern of the Telektonon Trinity is its Realtime measure of 140 Calendar Rounds and Dreamtime resolution of 28 Tzolkins. Hence the Realtime Telektonon is the macro container and the Dreamtime Telektonon is the micro container. The really interesting thing about all of this, is that they contain the same 5th Dimensional ingredients. A Prophetic Love Story inscribed in Time and Space. Don’t be under any illusion, this was always clearly stated on the packet of Telektonon. There is no reason to think this in any way distracts from what the story of Telektonon was always designed to teach. The Realtime~Dreamtime Telektonon is an annexe, a NEW Chapter in the Telektonon Story. A formula that proves that everything is exactly how it should be. A philosophers stone of wisdom to ponder upon, the totality of which offers an archaic initiation rite into the Divine Plan.

The Realtime / Dreamtime can be understood mathematically as a ratio of 1:365. (There is a magical message in this frequency about the synchronisation of the Haab and the 13:28 . I will reveal more about this in later transmissions).

Both of these parallel fourth dimensional time sequences are containers of a prophecy that is the heartbeat of the Galactic Maya. The Ascended Masters, Pakal Votan and Tz’akbu Ajaw transmitted the Divine Pact from the Realtime, to their future emanations in the Dreamtime. Valum Votan and Bolon Ik received the transmission and acted according to the message. The Crystal Script was riddled within the matrices, hidden in stone in the Temples. All of this magic synchronised majestically to the 28 Unit Telektonon Board and its 28 Tzolkin Journey through the Dreamtime. The fusion points which have already witnessed, Galactic Synchronisation, The Future Return, Lovers Reunion, Teotihuacan Ritual, Day 241 etc etc etc demonstrate undeniable magic. Sheer attention to detail by the author. A truly phenomenal work of Time is Art.

The cosmic glue that holds this prophetic script intact are the stories that the Palenque Dynasty took great effort to leave us. Many of these mythic tales switch between the different worlds, just as we are experiencing between the Realtime and the Dreamtime. They were the architects of the Earths most magnificent ‘Time is Art’ Temples and the decipherment of their codes are a great achievement of modern archaeology. From these discoveries all this sacred wisdom has re-crystallised, piece by peace, glyph by glyph, prophecy by prophecy. Through the dedication and love of so many great humans we have been enchanted back in time, to the most mythical time of Planet Art History, to see with a new perspective the purposefully inscribed records of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Lover Archetypes of Palenque, King Pakal and Queen Tz’akbu, with their Twin Masks, and their Twin Tombs, and their Twin Pyramid Hologram Ascensions. This the Galactic Maya Love Story that binds this Dreamtime ~ Realtime Telektonon prophecy true. Anything else is just a distraction theory. A Red Herring. A False Prophecy.

In the Realtime, Pakal and Tz’akbu’s timelines are clearly visible throughout the Temples of Palenque. The inscriptions and various murals demonstrates the birth, death and future return of Pakal, and many other dynastic stories. They demonstrate the enigmatic lineage of Tz’akbu, her arrival to Lakam Ha, and her sacred marriage to the King Pakal. They depict the family tree to a great detail. They demonstrates the lineage of Bolon Ik, and how through this kin, the accession of the Dynastic rule was always passed. Tz’akbu was the holder of this lineage. The 80 calendar Rounds Prophecy of the Temple of the Inscriptions have been pondered upon by many great minds since it was discovered. Because it opens the pandoras box of the Dreamtime of the Galactic Maya. It has always been the enigma. As I said in part 4, for something to become ‘real’ in the Dreamtime, it needs to be ‘real’ in the Realtime.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 00.24.04

This is the Art of Space~Time~Prophecy. 

Found within the apex chamber of the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque are the original stone tablets from which the 80 calendar round prophecy was decoded. The tablets were created during Pakals lifetime and denote many of the “milestones” of his time on Earth. They contain many more mysteries yet to be understood. There are 3 tablets in the Apex Chamber of the Temple of Inscriptions.

  • The East Tablet contains 237 glyphs
  • The West tablet contains 240 glyphs
  • The Central Tablet contains 140 glyphs.


The codes for the Ancient-Future Return, The Lovers Reunion, are to be found within the West Tablet of 240 glyphs.


Encoded within a grid-matrix of 12 x 20 = 240 units are the New Piktun codes for the Pakal and Tz’akbu’s Future Return, which auspiciously synchronise with the first day of Unit 23 in the Realtime Telektonon. The Lovers Reunion. In the 19:19 Crystal Matrix cosmology, 240 is the number of units the 5D Crystal Archetype walks in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix before entering the 11:11 Inner Matrix. It is the Outer Container of the Crystal Matrix, so to speak. As such 240 is a key 5D prophetic number.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 00.18.42

240 is the number of individual tetrahedrons in 2 fully completed Base 8 Tetrahedrons, like the ones you can see mysteriously marked underneath Pakals feet in Pier D of The Palace of Palenque, upon which he makes the Sacred Dance of the New Creation together with Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw. Theatrically fulfilling as the First Father, and First Mother Archetypes of the Galactic Mayan Trinity. Day 240 is the unit before Day 241 where the Twin Crystals meet and become One. It is the day before Pakal Votan was born. It is the day before Valum Votan ascended. It is the tube. A precipice of 5th Dimensional Prophecy. The silent moment before the leap into the unfathomable, dimensional shift in Galactic Consciousness. The waiting room before the great cosmic rabbit hole, the likes of which Votan made his Journey Back to Square One.

The Inscriptions of the Palenque Maya are a ‘Time is Art’ masterpiece. 


The central tablet of the Apex consists of a grid of 14 x 10. A total of 140 glyphs. Remember, 140 is the Number of Telektonon. The Central Tablet of 140 Glyphs is located at the exit point the “psychoduct” that connects Pakals tomb to the World. This is the Telektonon psychoduct. This is Pakal’s tube to the Earth Realm, his Earth Speaking Tube. Each glyph on the tablet represents a Calendar Round in the Realtime Telektonon 140 Calendar Round Cycle..

  • 140 is the key number of the Telektonon.
  • 140 is the suum of the Realtime Telektonon Trinity (VV205+BI217+GM238).
  • 140 is the number of Calendar Rounds in the Realtime Telektonon Sequence. 

Furthermore, in the Tzolkin this number is coded by kin 140, Yellow Planetary Sun, which is the kin that will seal the Long Count Calendrical Dimensional Shift from 5 digits Long Count Coefficients (LC into 6 digit Long Count Coefficients, (LC . It is the frozen moment that contains the transmutation between the 5th and 6th Dimension.

It is a message from the Apex of the Pyramid Hologram.

From this void between the Ascension and Re-Birth of an Ascended Master, a prophetic rite is unfolding. What is the divine intelligence that authored the script of Telektonon harmonically ascending into the Prophecy of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix? The fusion of matrices is Tetragrammatonic Nirvana. A Living Prophetic Stream, crystallising in the Space~Time~Dream. A Holy transmission, the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed for at least 70 generations. Who makes this stuff up ?

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 21.48.53

As Alberto Ruz searched the floor of the Apex Chamber of the Temple of Inscriptions for an entrance to the tomb, he made notes of a carving that he discovered that was in the form of a Square. The Square Grid is located on the floor of the Apex Chamber. The Square Grid is an 11 x 11 Grid, with a cross section, containing a total of 57 (3 x 19) inner squares. The 11 x 11 Grid Matrix is crossed on the 6th unit of each side, to form the the Rune Gar. The Square Grid on the floor of the Apex Chamber of Pakals Pyramid is a inter dimensional pointer to the 11:11 Inner Matrix of the 19:19. It is a clear reference to the completion of the 11:11:11 Cube of 1331 years between Pakals Ascension and Galactic Synchronisation. Unit 23 of the Dreamtime Telektonon Sequence. Lovers Reunion ! It represents the First Stone of the NEW Creation. The ascension of the Twin Crystal Archetypes of Palenque.

The 11:11 Inner Matrix is inscribed in the Apex of the Temple of Inscriptions.

Temple Inscriptions 11 by 11
Ruz and his crew found several carvings on the slabs of the Inscriptions’ sanctuary floor, some of which cannot be seen today due to erosion. One of them was the image of a square that was divided into four fairly even quartered segments, with wide strips that run along the edges of each square (Figure 7.7). Inside each quartered segment were crudely drawn and barely visible human faces. The faces had the usual peculiarities of many of the carved or stuccoed characters that the ancient Palencanos expressed in their portraits – a strong aquiline nose and distorted face. The wide strips that surrounded the quarter sections had been segmented into squares that totaled 40. Ruz suggested the possibility that this configuration might have been made in association with a game similar to the Mexican “patolli”14 an ancient Mesoamerican game whose playing board is also divided into cross sections as described by Fray Diego Durán (1951). Schele, Elaine Day. “The Untold Story of Alberto Ruz and his Archaeological Excavations at Palenque, México: A Micro- and Macro historical Approach”. The University of Texas, Austin. May 2012 (page 305, figure 7.7). Ruz Lhuillier, Alberto. “Exploraciones Arqueológicas en Palenque, Mexico: Informe de la Temporada de 1950”. 1951, In Linda Schele Personal Library, pp. 1-35, Austin.

It is the OMG3:3 HyperMatrix.


This discovery of Ruz is divine evidence of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix theory inscribed in the Apex Chamber of the Pyramid of Pakal. A masterpiece of multidimensional magic. Whoever’s hand was behind this, the message is clear. It represents the 6th Dimensional Seal. It represents the 11:22:33 Frequency of Ascension into the 9:11:11 Inner Matrices of the OMG33. This is the Holographic Speaking Tube of the Ascended Masters, the interdimensional highway between the living prophecies.

As Bolon Ik said, The Divine Pattern is working us.

This Divine pattern is a living example of Space~Time-Prophetic~Magic.

Dreamtime Telektonon Alpha~Omega

  • Alpha Initiated on Kin 164, 23.11.1997
  • Omega Completed, on Kin 163. 3.11.2017
  • The Suum of Alpha Kin 164 + Omega Kin 163 = Kin 67.
  • Kin 67 is the Dreamtime Suum of the Telektonon Trinity.
  • VV11 + BI22 + GM34 = 67


The AlphaOmega of the Dreamtime Telektonon is the Suum of the Dreamtime Telekonon Trinity.  


A Message to Self from the Apex of the Pyramid.


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.17.19

This is a transmission to All Planetary Kin.

EVERYTHING is at it should BE..

You just have to let the Divine pattern breath through you.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 00.47.11


Report completed DS kin 164, LC kin 118. 

164 + 118 = 22 = 11 + 11


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  1. Fantastically explained and worded dear Gar … more and more proof of the beauty of this story unfolding. Much Gratitude for sharing Dear One …. InJoy In Lak’ech Ala Kin

  2. Reblogged this on Itzadragon and commented:
    “The Twin Crystal Archetypes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix were hidden behind the Twin Masks, of the Twin Tombs, of the Twin Pyramid Hologram Ascensions of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Galactic Maya. Now the masks have been removed, their mysteries are coming to the surface and awakening magic in the hearts of the people who have become enchanted by the tales they are hearing in the winds. You just have to tune into the script they are transmitting.” ❤

  3. I am blown away by so many synchronicities since reading your work and the prophcy of telektonon.. my kin is 22, my daughter’s is kin 164, i was living in tepoztlan/amatlan mexico after visiting palenque, and other sites.. i even met Alberto Ruz son who still lives in tepoztlan.. i feel a strong connection to the galactic mayan calendar.. today i am reading this on kin 144, which is the day of truth from 1993.. very aligned. bless you for your amazing work.. i hope to be at the event in avebury this year 2019 ❤

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