The Telektonon Trinity Part 3, The Dreamspell Dedication

Further evidence of the Telektonon Trinity can be found inscribed in Pakals’ very own Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque. Mayan researcher and epigrapher David Stuart proposed in the book, Palenque, The Eternal City of the Maya, that the most probable dedication date for the Temple of Inscriptions was LC 11 Kawak


Page 170-171, Palenque : The Eternal City of the Maya, David & George Stuart.

The precise dating of the Temple of the Inscriptions within the early years of K’inich Kan Bahlam’s reign has presented a few difficulties for the archeologists and epigraphers. Two closely placed dates of 688 and 690 have been suggested as the true dedication date of the temple, recorded on the horizontal band of glyphs that ran above all the doorways of the building. These dates seem very precise within the overall understanding of ancient Palenque and its architecture, but more evidence might narrow the possibilities down even further. In other Palenque temples we find that the formal dedication statement was customarily written on the left-most outer pier, but on the Temple of the Inscriptions only a handful of glyphs now remain on Pier A, including the day sign “Kawak”. Remarkably, the records of one early explorer might provide a telltale clue: some decades ago, Heinrich Berlin came across the 1834 report published in London by Juan Galindo, which contained illustrations of four stucco glyphs Galindo says he removed from the “Estudio” – the Temple of the Inscriptions – and took to Europe.


Two of these glyphs are obviously portions of the Initial Series date, “9 Bak’tuns” and “12 K’atuns.” Galindo’s most telling clue is a beautiful rendition of the glyph “G9”, the station in the cycle of nine days that routinely accompanies Initial Series dates. The remains of the horizontal inscription date above the doors point a dedication sometime within the short span between 16 December 688 and 16 August 690. As Berlin brilliantly noted, only one date will accommodate the strands of evidence : 11 Kawak 17 Yaxkin G9

This placement looks to be the best candidate for the opening Initial Series on Pier A, and given the pattern seen on other Palenque temples, is probably the dedicatory date for the Temple of the Inscriptions: seven years after Pakal’s death.

kin219The Temple of the Inscriptions Dedication Long Count date corresponds to Traditional Tzolkin 11 Kawak. 11 Kawak is ofcourse, Kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm, code 19.11. This decipherment therefore confirms that the 19.11 code of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix was specifically embed within the dedication of the temple.

The corresponding Dreamspell kin for the proposed dedication of the Temple of the Inscriptions LC Date, Gregorian July 4th, 690AD, is kin 67, Blue Lunar Hand. .


Kin 67, Blue Lunar Hand is the Dreamspell Sum of the Telektonon Trinity. This is how the Three Stones of the Telektonon Trinity are inscribed in the Initial Series Dedication date of the Temple of the Inscriptions.

Kin 11 (VV) + Kin 22 (BI) + Kin 34 (GM) = Kin 67.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.17.19

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