The Original Matrix of Venus

Dear Friends,

These past few days I’ve been bathing in the light of Her Majesty Venus and with her recent conjunction with the Sun and ‘Rebirth’, I’ve been Called back to the Great Work of the Original Matrix of Gar 33:33, to further develop and define the relationships between….

  • the Ninety Nine Gates of the Original Matrix of Gar,
  • the Ninety Nine Stones of the Temple of Avebury,
  • the Ninety Nine Lunation’s of the 8 Year Venus Period
  • the Ninety Nine Attributes of God

In the newly published document linked below are the first mappings of these aspects in relation to the OMG33. 

Screenshot 2020-06-08 at 09.40.51

OMG33 – Original Matrix of Venus

Solstice Eclipse

From the perspective of these newly aligned codes, the coming Annular Eclipse on Solstice, June 21, 2020 is extremely profound and potent. It occurs at the end of the first  lunation, which began at the end of Ramadan, on May 22nd.

The Solstice Eclipse acts as a clear marker in the heavens for the sealing of the First Gate of the OMG33. Within the Ninety Nine Gates of the Original Matrix, the First Gate is coded by ar-Rahman. We are therefore being encouraged to envisage the Solstice Eclipse as the Solar Crowning of ar-Rahman and as a clear sign to confirm this, the eclipse path travels through the Ancient Lands of (B)Rahman.

Screenshot 2020-06-08 at 10.36.51

As the Solstice Eclipse peaks, and the new moon arrives, we will enter the lunation of the Second Gate of the Original Matrix, which is coded by ar-Rahim. The triconsonantal root for Rahman and Rahim, (R-H-M) is the same root as the word for womb and compassionate love. The word ‘matrix’ is the latin word for womb. The Solstice Eclipse is calling upon us to be witness to and to meditate upon the parallels between the ‘matrix’, the ‘womb’, and ‘r-h-m’ as reflections of the Divine Origin of All.

The Original Matrix 33:33, in alignment with the 99 lunation’s of Venus, and with the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, is signalling a re-Birth & re-Creation and I feel this coming Solstice Eclipse embodies all the Beauty and Divine Love that is enshrined in the ‘Bismillah’, as it is projected through the 99 Gates of the Original Matrix.

Blessing to you all,

Gar x



6 thoughts on “The Original Matrix of Venus

  1. As I came down the stairs from the nights rest, and after a very intense period of action and reflection in the company of a young, pregnant lady in her 33th year, I finally opened this message of dear Gar.
    The lady is a galactic sun. She is from the SangreReal bloodline. With her parents, brutally killed in a car accident when she was 18, she has travveled all the sacred sites on this planet ( I happen to have a book with 100 of them in it). Her grandparents, still alive and Thank God noe since yesterday communicating with her again, are well travelled in the South of France area where both our Timekeeper and myself have roamed extensively.. meetings, meetings. Oh dear Saintes- Marie de la Mer!
    This day, awakening to the powers of the 18th angel, I pray like I did yesterday starting with the Bissmilahi Al Rahmani al Rahim, on the poem of Cheikh ahmadu Bamba named Jaawartou, that A NEW STORY MAY EMERGE FOR PLANET EARTH//
    Thanks to all your combined energys and analytical powers , published in wonderful ways (time is art) I have been able to decypher and activate the codes and thereby assist in the coming to consciousness of theMatrix in the Human flesh and form. And I want to first in-form you on this Oh Happy Day, marked in the Crystal Matrix as such… Our combined knowledge and the integrity of our hearts is making this possible, now, on Earth with the help of Venus. I so thank everybody and implore your contionuous sustainance in assisting this Lady actually staying as a refugee in my home where our Cosmic Earth brother together with our Planetary Skywalker sister also physically came.
    Trauma, fractal overlays of unhrealed, crystallized energy knots, exist in “thinking layers”of different locations.
    By bringing new consciousness and perception to these places, we can UNTIE these knots and RELEASE the energy
    a signal is sent BACK IN TIME to the Origin of the trauma
    Please assist in the Planetary Geomancy WORK within the LAW of TIME now with your deep knowledge consciousness.
    Because by consciously directing our awareness to HEAL these places we can assist much in Planetary Healing Now.
    Acknowlwdge the past, release crystallizations so that.
    A NEW STORY may emerge for Planet Earth.
    Please call. Soxna Aminta Fall

  2. We have entered such powerful times.
    Truly, what is true is coming through, despelling the old spells, of lies to confuse. The light of the heart shines on me & you. We are part of the bird tribe, with our feathered wings, serpent energies rise, natures wisdom we sing.

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