The Telektonon Trinity, Part 7D : Transmission 1 : Enter the Crystal

Enter The Crystal


Today in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is Vector 19.19 which is the 19th day of the 19th Crystal Sequence. This 361st (19×19) day of the Solar Year synchronically marks a perfect Tzolkin of 260 days since the completion of the 7280 day Dreamtime Telektonon of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, which is the main teaching of The Telektonon Trinity series. Today, as we enter the centre of the Crystal Matrix, we consciously fulfil the First Unit of the NEW Dreamtime Telektonon.

The signs are plentiful enough, but for those who harbour shadows of doubt, further confirmation of the Divine Order can be witnessed in today’s Realtime (LC kin 118) ~ Dreamtime (DS kin 164), summing to the Original Matriarchal power of 22, Bolon Ik. The White Queen of Prophecy elegantly whispers her approval from the other side of the veil. Through this revelation in time, the Primordial Mother of the Realtime ~ Dreamtime  Prophecy demonstrates her Throne in centre of the Crystal Merkaba of the 19:19 Matrix – the portal into the Hyper Dimensional Realm between the Death and Re-Birth of the Ascended Masters.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 12.54.09

As noted in previous chapters, today’s Dreamspell kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed codes each unit of the Dreamtime Telektonon. It was this kin that coded the ritual of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in Teotihuacan (3.3.2002), symbolically marking the entrance of Votan, on his Journey into the 16 Unit Warrior Cube of the Dreamtime Telektonon. This same kin 164, 4160 (16 x 260) days later, would mark the Lovers Reunion on Dreamtime Telektonon Unit 23, auspiciously synchronised to Galactic Synchronisation. This most mythic convergence, witnessed by many thousands of kin, also celebrated the completion of the 1330 Year Pyramid Hologram Construction of the Twin Archetypes of Palenque, Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw and King Pakal Votan. A Divine Unification of the Matriarch and Patriarch of the Palenque Maya, holographically projected into the Telektonon and the 19:11 matrices. A Realtime~Dreamtime prophetic theatre playing out for all apprentices to witness and study.

The Precious Stone

It should also be celebrated that today, Vector 19.19, seals the 7th Tzolkin since Galactic Synchronisation 5 Solar Years ago, clearly exhibiting the perfection of the 5:7 ratio of Telektonon in Divine Resolution. RuBen113 has written much about this phenomenon  and these five synchronisation days in-between, that we are experience as of Now! The 5 day window of synchronisation that we enter into today, aligns with the 19th unit (The Sacred Uayeb) of the Haab as it sits upon the 13:28 Solar Year. Whilst the Haab is a mechanic of the Realtime Long Count of the Ancient Maya, Jose and Lloydine, in their roles as Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, specifically embed the Haab into the Dreamspell 13:28 Calendrical System which begins on July 26th. This implies that every July 21st the 5 day Galactic Wayeb period of purification begins. This date aligns with Vector 19.19 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix as the Twin Crystals complete their 361 Day Solar Journey to the centre of the matrix. Further confirmation of the symbiotic nature of the 19:19 ~ 11:11  ~ Realtime ~ Dreamtime mathemagical factors of truth.


With this is mind, if we focus our attention, back in time, and re-study the same 5 day Uayeb window that occurred just before Galactic Synchronisation, specifically looking at the 361st Day of the Blue Resonant Storm Year, we bear witness that the Realtime (kin 112) ~ Dreamtime (kin 159) of this day (21.7.13) – Vector 19.19 of Cube 1330 – the official sealing of the Apex Cube of Pakals Pyramid Hologram Ascension – rather majestically sums to Kin 11.  

Let that sync in for a moment…. 

The completion of the 19.19 Solar Sequence of the Apex Cube of the 1330 year Pyramid Hologram construction – a process which is directly correlated to the ascension rite of Pakal Votan, was coded by Realtime ~ Dreamtime Kin 11. A divine alignment that is mindbogglingly beyond the scope of even the 6th Dimension. As if scripted in the Great Halls of Oracle, a perfect Telektonon ratio of 5 Solar Years, and 7 Tzolkins (+ 5 days) later is coded by Realtime ~ Dreamtime Kin 22.

Kin 11, and Kin 22, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, respectively, in their prophetic roles as the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Dreamtime Telektonon, code the Alpha and Omega of this 1825 (7 Tzolkin / 5 Solar Year) day period, the first of which we have traversed since the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013. A miraculous exposition of 7th Dimensional Love streamed direct from the Centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, Vector 19.19, which is the Apex of the Pyramid Hologram.

Through these codes we can collectively visualise the Apex of Pakals’ Temple of Inscriptions and the Apex of Bolon Iks’ Temple of the White Queen (Temple XIII) simultaneously beaming the Truth of Archetypal Love, into the Ancient ~ Future. They are sending a ray of hope in this dark world of deception and self serving agendas. A message for us all to awaken ourselves to.

The eternal, never ending 7th Dimensional Love Story that has its Earthly root in the Palenque Maya, dwells in the sacred place that exists beyond the centre of Crystal Matrix Vector 19.19. Through this sacred centre, you are invited to tune into the divine transmissions of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik. The medium through which they transmit their prophetic wisdom are the etheric frequencies of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix in harmonic resonance with the Realtime ~ Dreamtime.

As I will explain in further transmissions of this Seventh Dimensional chapter, there is a magical force at play which binds these alignments in place.

This is another transmission from The Telektonon Trinity.

Much Love and Prophecy to you ALL



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