Realtime Telektonon 27:57 Calendar Round Synchronisation

Realtime LC 5 Lamat 1 Mol

Dreamtime DS Kin 194 White Crystal Wizard

This publication is to mark the completion of 27 Calendar Rounds since the Accession of K’inich Janaab’ Pakal to the Throne of Palenque. On this day 512,460 (27 x 52 x 365) days ago, at the young age of 12 years old, Pakal was enthroned by his Mother, Sak K’uk’. Pakal’s accession is also recognised as the beginning of the 80 Calendar Round Prophecy which depicts his Future Return, in the Gregorian Year 4772, LC This mythic cycle of time is contained within, and is part of a prophetic framework known as the Realtime Telektonon.

Today also marks exactly 34 Tzolkins (34 x 260 kin), since the lifting of the sarcophagus of the lady formerly identified as the “Red Queen”. Hidden behind the Mask of the mysterious woman buried in Temple XIII, Palenque, is the Divine Lady we now know to be Queen Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw. The noble wife and equal of King Pakal. Her name translates to ‘the Lady of the Succession’, for she was the successor to the line of the Sacred Feminine lineage of The White Bird. 

A clear message of unity from the Realtime Telektonon Twins, Pakal Votan and Tz’akbu Ajaw. ❤️

During the recent Telektonon Trinity series of blogs, I published the first decipherments of time codes that have uncovered new function within the Telektonon Matrix of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. I defined this discovery as the Realtime-Dreamtime Telektonon. The system builds upon the 5:7 harmonics of Telektonon, but instead of the 13:28 counting of  days, the 28 units of Telektonon are transposed to use alternative Mayan Time Factors such as Haabs (365), and Tzolkins (260) etc. As these factors and number sequences came to life within the Telektonon, I began to discover direct, and related history inscribed in the tablets of the Maya. Clear signs of its existence etched in the mythic storylines of the Temples of Palenque.

  • The Realtime Telektonon is anchored in, and functions with the Original Mayan Long Count Calendar. It specifically measures 28 x 260 x 365 days. Its archetypal focus is the Palenque Maya.
  • The Dreamtime Telektonon is anchored in and functions with the Dreamspell Count measuring 28 x 260 days. Its archetypal focus is the Galactic Maya.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 00.47.11

After experimenting with numerous mathematical constructs and multidimensional matrices, the codes demonstrated to me that the NEW Telektonon sequences synchronised, with absolute precision, to the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram Ascension system. The Pyramid Hologram is a function of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, a system I first discovered 16 years prior. The data presented me what I can only describe as ‘the merging of sacred matrices’, a unification of divine mathematical algorithms. The ascensions of Pakal and Tzakbu, literally ‘bound’ into the Telektonon. Clearly demonstrating the mathematical mechanics of ascension and avataric migration between the Realtime, and the Dreamtime.

Realtime Dreamtime by Gar Magusa

This is the Crystal Prophecy that was always spoke of in Telektonon. Its arrival was bang on silicon time. I’ve described more about this fascinating subject in my forthcoming book, of which I just finished the manuscript. This is the living prophecy of the Realtime Dreamtime where divine number speaks louder than 144,000 words. Where the mythic archetypes of the Ancient Future, enter and exit with grace and good manners through the facets of the Crystal. Keeping their scripts as pure as possible. Prophecy is a serious subject, and be warned, Pakal and Tz’akbu take their prophetic legacy as seriously as we do. They have an ongoing investment in the purity of the transmission. Its a message of Cosmic Love, not cosmic deception, and the messengers have an Ancient Future Return to awaken inside each and everyone of us.


Since its ‘discovery’ in 1993 by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, the original Telektonon was promoted and distributed widely to the 13 Moon Calendar Cultural Movement as a tool to help in the countdown to 2012-2013. The public reception and use of it was success with many kin assimilating the codes and participating in the experiment. For many, it would be their first experience with time matrix systems. The main narrative of Telektonon was battle between 12:60 and 13:20 timing frequencies. The mythical love story of Pakal Votan (kin 60, 8 Ahau) and Bolon Ik (kin 22, 9 Ik) remains constant throughout the script. In this system, on the 7th unit, Votan and Bolon Ik would separate, with Votan entering the Warrior Cube to defeat the Tower of Babalon. Its purpose is to bring Planetary Redemption from the overt patriarchal agenda of the Kabal in their systematic desecration of the feminine aspect of creation. An underlying his-story that pervades every essence and aspect of life on Earth.

Whilst Votan was on this Hero’s Journey in Babalon Planet, Bolon Ik navigates the outer LOOP of the Telektonon. On the 23rd Unit, Pakal and Bolon Ik meet, which was defined as the Lovers Reunion. There are many a miracle enshrined into this most mystical of units !


The archetypes of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik archetypes relate to the First Mother and First Father deities of the Palenque Dynasty. Bolon Ik is the constant that anchors Telektonon in both worlds. She is the one who always holds the sacred lineage. She is the personification of the feminine principle of creation. Telektonon was transmitted from the Realtime by Bolon Ik, to her servant in love in the Dreamtime. The tele-cosmic message was received and transcribed by Valum Votan. The rest is history as they say !

As a education program Telektonon certainly fulfilled its purpose of informing truth seekers of the cultural heritage regarding the roles of these archetypes. It really, really works.

This is the Perfection of the Divine Order

The merging of sacred matrices has sent ripples in all directions at once. All souls are informed of its completion. Inter dimensional leylines are resonating, the junctions act as entry and exit points for a Soul Awakening that is pulling the scattered fragments of Archetypal and Cosmic Memory back into focus.

But only for those with eyes to see. For some it’s just business as usual!

Whilst today marks the completion of the (9+9+9) 27 Calendar Rounds since the accession of Pakal, through the extended vision of the Realtime Telektonon, today corresponds to the completion of the 57th Calender Round since the inception of the 140 Calendar Round Realtime Telektonon by the original founder of the Palenque Royal Lineage, U’Kix Chan.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 00.46.02

U’ Kix Chan is a enigmatic myth in Palenque lore, born 1 Kan (kin 144) in the Realtime Long Count, and Planetary Sun, Kin 140 in the Dreamtime Dreamspell. He was certainly born for he role with such a fine regalia of Telektonon credentials. He also made a rather spectacular entry into the ‘World’ through the tube of the Pyramid Hologram, the nine-dimensional World Tree of Yggdrasil. Just as the 19:19 Crystal Matrix arrived in perfect time as a product of Pakals ascensión, so too did U K’ix Chan arrived as a messenger of the Trinity. He was the one who brought the Cult of the Triad into the cosmology of the Maya. He was the one who set The Three Stones of Creation. The transmission to U Kix Chan came directly from the Trinity, and he acted upon it accordingly. All of this is inscribed in the many temples of Palenque. Pakal Votan would impersonate his ancestral father in sacred rituals, showing his honour of where this transmission originated, and what his role was within the Greater Understanding. More about this in the book.

To finish this note, here are some synchronic codings for this 27:57 CR Sync..

  • In the Realtime Telektonon Count, we are in the 12th Unit.
  • We can write the Realtime coefficient like this : RT 12.105.000
  • First unit is Telektonon unit, second is Haab Tzolkin bearer, third is Haab day.
  • The Realtime Telektonon Haab is coded by kin 105.
  • 105 is the difference between the two 260:365 ratio of Telektonon. A constant of Telektonon.
  • 27 Calendar Rounds since Pakal’s Accession.
  • 27 = 3 x 3 x 3. There are 27 x 11:11:11 cubes in the OMG33 Hyper Cube
  • 27 Original Stones in the Northern Ring at Avebury
  • 27 (9 + 9 + 9) steps on the Palace in Palenque
  • 57 Calendar Round 5:7 Telektonon Factor. 3 x 19 = 57…
  • 19:19 Crystal Matrix vector 2.7
  • 11:11 Inner Matrix vector 3.4  Unit266 Another reply from Palenque invocation!
  • DS Kin 194 – 34 Tzolkins since lifting of the Sarcophagus Lid of Tz’akbu Ajaw!
  • RT LC 148 + DT DS 194 = 82 = Kin 22 + Kin 60

This is a Realtime Dreamtime message from the Twin Archetypes of Telektonon.

Surfs up..

Much Love and Prophecy



7 thoughts on “Realtime Telektonon 27:57 Calendar Round Synchronisation

  1. Reblogged this on Tortuga 13:20 and commented:
    [English & Español]
    Another remarkable Synchronisation for today! 🙂
    Between the RealTime (Ancient Maya Tzolkin) and the DreamTime (Galactic Maya Dreamspell).

    – RealTime: 5 Lamat (5 Venus), the bearer of the “RealTime Telektonon” and the “Future Return” of Pacal Votan. Today 5 Lamat is marking the 27th Calendar Round since Pakal’s accession to the Throne. And also the 57th Calendar Round since the initiation of the “RealTime Telektonon” by Uk’ix Chan, the founder of the Palenque Dynasty (“The Olmec”).

    – DreamTime Kin 194 (12 Wizard), the Kin of the lifting of the sarcophagus’ lid of Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw (Pacal’s wife). All happening on Day 26 of her exhibition in Mexico City (26 = 13+13, Kin 26 or Clear Sign 13 Kimi). It is 34 Galactic Spins since the lifting of the lid (1 June 1994, Kin 194), Number 34 codes the Wizard Count of Dreamspell that started on Kin 34.

    This is a Once in a Lifetime Synchronicity, unless we live another 52 years more!

    Learn more in this new Blog by the discoverer of the “RealTime-DreamTime Telektonon”.
    Kin 34, author Gar Magusa of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

    Also check out today’s post of our Dreamspell Journey FB Page.

    The DreamTime is Real, it is a mirror of the RealTime!
    In Lak’ech ❤


    Otra Sincronización notable ocurre hoy! 🙂
    Entre el Tiempo Real (Tzolkin Maya Ancestral) y el Tiempo del Sueño (Dreamspell Maya Galáctico)

    – Tiempo Real: 5 Lamat (5 Venus), el portador del "Telektonon en Tiempo Real" y del "Futuro Retorno" de Pacal Votan. Hoy, 5 Lamat está marcando la Rueda Calendárica Número 27 desde que Pakal ascendió al Trono. También está marcando la Rueda Calendárica número 57 desde la iniciación del “Telektonon en Tiempo Real” por Uk’ix Chan, el mítico fundador de la Dinastía de Palenque (‘El Olmeca”).

    – Tiempo del Sueño: Kin 194 (Mago 12), el Kin del día del levantamiento de la tapa del sarcófago de la Reina Tz'akbu Ajaw (esposa de Pacal), todo ocurriendo en el Día 26 de su exposición en la Ciudad de México (26 = 13 + 13, Kin 26 o Señal Clara 13 Kimi). Se cumplen, 34 Giros Galácticos desde el levantamiento de su lápida (1 Junio 1994, Kin 194). El 34 codifica a la Cuenta del Mago Dreamspell que comenzó en KIn 34.

    Se trata de una Sincronización de Una Vez en la Vida, a menos que vivamos otros 52 años más!

    Descubre más en este nuevo blog del descubridor del "Telektonon en Tiempo Real y Tiempo del Sueño".
    Kin 34, Autor Gar Magusa de 19:19 Crystal Matrix.
    (Usar Traductor)

    También revisa la publicación de hoy en nuestra Página FB Dreamspell Journey.

    El Tiempo del Sueño es Real, es un espejo del Tiempo Real!
    In Lak'ech ❤

  2. A panting dog, I feel now ( overtone, in the Unified Count of today) running to keep up with al the Dimensional Shifts. Thanx to your research and publications, Gar, and Itza, things start to 1) dazzle me more and 2) keep me running. Running means reading and processing and barge in with an appearance, a gesture, a comment…. Since we are, magically, connected in The Matrix… So happy to have found you. On to the next level now. My 64th birthday will be marked by DS 8 Ahau/Ajaw.. RT 1 wizard. Hm. That gives, 9 wizard in the Unified count of 2 days from Now 8 sept. 2019 gregorian. This Dog can run so fast it leaps 4 days in Unified whilst there are only 2 between the 8th and the 10th of september! Oh what did I get myself into, trying to Count instead of just Shine On?… Wish you were Here to explain.. Much love yours Truly in dedication.

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