From the Tomb to the Womb

Today we have completed 1330 Days since Pakals Pyramid Hologram fulfilled its 1330 year construction (26.7.683-26.7.2013). The completion of the Pyramid Hologram was aligned majestically with Galactic Synchronisation, July 26th, 2013. It was the much fabled ‘Launching of Timeship Earth 2013′. The Beginning of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

Since then we have completed a ‘Pyramid Hologram‘ of Days (1330 days), the sum of which construct a fractal model of Pakal’s Ascension process from his Tomb, to the Womb of the New Earth. Pakals journey through this “tube” is spirit of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

During this 1331st day, at the centre of the 11:11:11 (1331) Cube of Time-Space-Prophecy I have been in Sacred Contemplation of this Multidimensional Phenomena.

Today’s Mayan Long Count is (was) kin 148.

Kin 148 is the Accession kin of Pakal, and also his Future Return Date LC

This is inscribed in stone in Pakals Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque. The Prophetic Wisdom of Ascended Masters is forever bound into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix as a Divine Model of Space-Time-Prophetic-Magic.

Furthermore, the Future Return of Pakal, LC Kin 148, is Kin 46 in the Dreamspell.

LC kin 148 + 46 = 194.

Kin 194 = The White Crystal Wizard = Todays Dreamspell kin

The sum of the DS + LC PV Future Return kins, is the 1331st Day since Square One of the Beginning of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, which was the First Stone 1331st Year since the Ascension of Pakal.

A First Stone, of First Stones !

Mind bogglingly precise, wouldn’t you agree ?

Ofcourse the perfect summation of the kin is because of the current +46 kin calibration between the  Traditional Tzolkin Long Count and the Dreamspell Tzolkin Count.

Much Love  >>>>> Gar ~ G8ix.

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