Original Matrix of Gar 33:33

Fresh from the Void !


33 x 33 Base Matrix = 1089

19:19 Inner Crystal Matrix, begins on unit 729 = 9 x 9 x 9.

9 Inner 11:11 6d Matrices

121 3:3 Hyper Matrices.

One Mystic Centre !

The gift of 33, from kin 34.


Instructions coming soon x

7 thoughts on “Original Matrix of Gar 33:33

  1. A few hours after this blog was published:

    “A weasel shut down the world’s most powerful particle smasher when it wandered onto a 66,000-volt transformer and caused a short circuit, Europe’s physics lab CERN said Saturday.

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was halted “following technical issues, including a power cut due to the passage of a weasel on a high voltage electrical transformer,” CERN spokesman Arnaud Marsollier told AFP.

    The collider suffered a “severe electrical perturbation” at 0330 GMT Friday, CERN, the French acronym for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, said in its daily activity summary.

    It said the cause was a “short circuit caused by fouine”—a beech marten, which is a member of the weasel family—on a 66-kilovolt transformer.

    Marsollier said that “some connections were slightly damaged and we are at work to repair” the damage caused by the weasel, which did not survive its high-voltage encounter.”



    Some other sources claim the same incident caused a massive Earthquake in Vanuatu.



    A Weasel ? 66 Volts ? 3.30am GMT ?

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