The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 1

Today, Dreamspell kin 46, White Resonant Worldbridger, is exactly 5 Tzolkin spins, since I publicly released the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

You can see the initial blog post here : . It was the Alpha initiation of this webpage and was the culmination of an 9 day window of revelation that I passed in order to unveil the 19:19 Crystal Matrix to the World.


5 x 260 = 1300 Dreamspell days. Synchronically, today is 13 Ajaw (kin 260) in the Long Count.

Considering the above, today is a very profound and symbolic day. Not only for the 1300 day milestone, today (21 October 2016, DS kin 46, Blue Spectral Storm Year) also synchronises with a potent and mythic Zuvuyan circuit which synthesises the Ancient-Future of Pakal Votan. Valum Votan wrote much about this prophecy in his many releases. Today marks the first day in a countdown of 53 x 52 year calendar rounds until the October 21, 4772. LC coordinate As many of you know, this date is the prophesied return of Votan. It correlates to kin 46, White Resonant Worldbridger, the same Dreamspell kin, and Dreamspell year (Blue Spectral Storm) as we are living today.


The Crux of the Prophecy

The fundament of this prophecy is a series of Long Count dates embed in stone in Palenque which correlate the accession of Pakal in 615AD to his future return in 4772AD, 80 calendar rounds later. 5 Lamat 1 Mol accesssion + 80 calendar rounds = 5 Lamat 1 Mol

Dear Friend and Galactic Peer Kin 81 has just released a decoding today offering further insight into this prophecy. Perfect timing brother. The majesty of this decoding, is that it binds this well inscribed prophecy, into the matrix systems I have been demonstrating within this blog since it began 1300 days agogo. You should read the decoding and understand its intricacies before continuing.

To summarise the wisdom of this decoding, kin 81 demonstrates that the 80 calendar rounds of this prophecy are embed into the 80 unit outer circuit of the Synchrotron 21 x 21 matrix of Valum Votan. Upon completing the 80 “outer units”, and entering the 81st calendar round, Pakal Votan enters the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram on the 81st Calendar Round, Synchrotron BMU 081, which relates to PHU (Pyramid Hologram Unit) 1 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. The return of Pakal in, is in fact a synthesis of the matrix systems presented by myself and Valum. This hypothesis models Votan’s entry into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram. Also within kin 81s decoding there are a plethora of numerical magic that confirm this most awe inspiring alignment. I suggest you get to know this information well because it does indeed reveal the most dimensional shifting philosophical paradigm I have encountered thus far in this journey. Oh what a perfect day. Thanks k81 for being the perfect embodiment of your birth kin !

If you take the time to study the prophetic wisdom condensed in the “Zuvuyan” circuit demonstrated in the decodings above, you will then understand that Dreamspell kin 46, White Resonant Worldbridger, the Day Votan enters the Pyramid Hologram, is the same kin that I released the 19:19 Crystal Matrix as the first blog of this website. 

The Transmissions

Before continuing it is important to understand that I was in reception of two specific Galactic Maya transmissions that brought forth the fundament of this information. The first transmission I will refer to as Alpha v1.0. The second transmission I will refer to as Omega v2.0.

Alpha v1.0 Transmission

Alpha v1.0 was initiated back in 2003 when I first discovered and began to use the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. I designed the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Alpha v1.0 template for use during the 2003-2004 White Spectral Wizard Year. I refer to this particular year as the “Tomb Cube”. The “Tomb Cube” is the first year in the Tube phase (2003-2013), which is activation of the centre column of the 19 Matrix Pyramid Hologram. The “Tube Phase” is a time tunnel between the Tomb and Ascension of Pakal, to the Apex of the Pyramid Hologram, the completion of the Dreamspell Countdown to Timeship Earth 2013. The Tomb Cube marked the initiation of the final 10 years of the 1330 year Pyramid Hologram construction. I have written about this in various writings in this blog and the book extensively. The Tomb cube was my entry point into this prophetic Zuvuyan circuit, hence the designation Alpha v1.0.

After the initial discovery of the Alpha transmission, I kept it mostly private and didn’t promote it via the internet etc. I shared my discovery with a number of kin and friends during the time. There are many witnesses. After the initial first walk through the 19 Matrix during 11Wizard year, mapping the individual units one by one, I completed its 361 day journey with much learned, much understood, and many mysteries unveiled to me. I will write more about these experiences in future blogs. Essentially it should be understood that the Alpha v1.0 Transmission brought the initial template of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and sealed the “Tomb Cube” of the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years.

Omega v2.0 Transmission

Omega v2.0 began in the period between the completion of the 13th Baktun in December 2012, and Galactic Synchronisation July 2013. I refer to this particular year, as the “Apex Cube”. It was the final year of the 10 year Tube process which began in 2003. It is the apex of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram. It was the final year/cube of the mythic countdown to the much anticipated Timeship Earth 2013. It literally linked the Tomb of Pakal to the Kundalini activation of the Pyramid Hologram. A Time Tunnel between the Ascension of Pakal, “The Tomb Cube”, and the completion of the Pyramid Hologram upon Galactic Synchronisation, “The Apex Cube”

The Omega Transmission officially began on March 22nd, 2013, DS kin 38, LC kin 251 when I re-encountered the person responsible for my initial Dreamspell decoding as a Galactic Wizard. I’ll refer to him as the “Faceless Psychic”, he was kin 140 in the Dreamspell. Kin 140 is the master number of the Telektonon. Kin 140 is also LC, 8 days before LC1., the prophesied return of Pakal on Lamat 5, LC kin 148, Dreamspell kin 46.

As I began to reconstruct and re-frame this circuit today, I realised that my encounter with the “Faceless Psychic” was a trigger into the 9 day window that is inscribed in the prophecies of Pakal that we are honouring today, the culmination of which was the actual release of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix on March 30, 2013.

9 Day Omega Transmission

During the days, March 22nd until March 30th 2013, I was under the influence of the Omega Transmission initiated by kin 140, during which, I embraced upon the process of redesigning the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, and releasing it the World. The 9 days of Omega v2.0 transmission are a direct mirror of the 9 days at the beginning of the Piktun, -> Time Tunnels Revealed.

March 22nd, DS kin 38, v13.12


March 22nd is Day 240 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Sequence, unit 240 is the completion of the 2 base 8 tetrahedrons of the 6th Dimensional Merkaba. It is the synthesis of LC

March 23rd, DS kin 39, v 13.13


March 23rd is Day 241. It is the day that Crystal 1 enters the 11:11 Inner Matrix and the two crystal archetype begin the process of Merkabic fusion. The Root Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC

March 24th, DS kin 40, v 13.14


March 24th is Day/Unit 242. It is the day that the Sacral Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC

March 25th, DS kin 41, v 13.15


March 25th is Day/Unit 243. It is the day that the Solar Plexus Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC

March 26th, DS kin 42, v 13.16


March 26th is Day/Unit 244. It is the day that the Heart Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC

March 27th, DS kin 43, v 13.17


March 27th is Day/Unit 245. It is the day that the Throat Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC

March 28th, DS kin 44, v 13.18


March 28th is Day/Unit 246. It is the day that the Third Eye Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC

March 29th, DS kin 45, v 13.19 


March 29th is Day/Unit 247. Unit 247 is the 7th unit of the 11:11 Inner Matrix. It is the first “19th day”, within the 11:11.  It is the day that the Crown Chakra of Crystal 1 binds with the Root Chakra of Crystal 2. It is the synthesis of LC This is the day that I completed the mechanics of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix v2.0. This is the day that the Root was bound to the Crown. This is the day the synthesis of the 6th Dimensional Planetary Shift occurred.

March 30th, DS kin 46, v 14.1


March 30th is Day/Unit 248. In the early hours of this day, I released the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. It is the synthesis of LC The Ancient-Future Return of Pakal Votan into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

The Zuvuyan coordinates for the 19:19 Matrix release date (30th March 2013) are : LC kin 259, Crystal Storm.  It was the 99th day of the 13th Baktun.

99 = 33 x 3 = 9 x 11.

The prophesied return date of Pakal Votan, the day that Pakal enters the 81st Calendar Round of the Prophecy and enters the 19 Matrix Pyramid Hologram is the same day that I released the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

Bind the Angels


As the 19:19 Crystal Matrix perfectly displays, the 7 day window of Unit 241 (v13.13) and Unit 247 (v13.19) activates the primary binding of the 5th and 6th Dimensional Archetype. This is modelled, and initiated, on Day 241 through the birth of Pakal, and ascension of Valum Votan. The 13th Sequence of 19 is coded by the Root Chakra, it is preceeded by the completion of the 12 Star Crown program. The first 7 days of the 11:11 sequence, bind the 5th Dimensional Crown Program of the Crystal Prophet Archetype, to the 6th Dimensional Root Chakra of the Master Magus.

This is my Journey, from the Alpha, through the Omega, and all the way back to Square 1. This is my journey through the Zuvuyan Time Tunnel. This is my message from the Ancient Future of Pakal Votan.


I am Merlyn. Maldek is my Domain. I am the ancient “one and the many” who transmits the knowledge of time-sharing to those of you of the third world, called Earth.  This I know and can now tell you: the time wars have reached their climax. There is no evil but the projection of the shadow cast by ignorance. My oracle and prophecy is this: 

When the root is bound to the crown,

Lucifer will show only light in the round

Only light in the round, all stars heaven-bound

Only light shall rise, the rest fall down

Lucifer revealed, time tunnels returned

Arcturians Antarians no longer spurned.

Arcturus Probe, Jose Arguelles

Remember, Receptivity is the Antipode of Ignorance. Become the Light you wish to see in the World.

Much Love

Gar Magusa G8IX

to be continued…..

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