The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 4 : The Prophetic Numbers

” There is a reason why I was placed on this Earth. The reason is to be found in a tomb, where are inscribed all of the signs of my becoming and all of the signs of my return. If life and death are a mystery, then the Earths Solar Orbit holds the key – All life is a balance – the cosmos an equation of perfect harmony.” Valum Votan CHC

¿¿¿ Earth’s Solar Orbit ???


Solar Earth’s Orbit ~

Lloydine (Bolon Ik ), was Kin 217, Bolon Caban in the Traditional Count. She was born a Double Solar Archetype in the Sacred Tzolkin. The Solar Wind & The Solar Earth. She was genuinely moved to behold her Traditional kin, Bolon Caban / Solar Earth.

Kin 217, is the tube of kin 218, Planetary Mirror, the Dreamspell Kin that the Tomb of Pakal was uncovered nearly 1269 years after the Ascension of Pakal Votan.  The same kin 218 this year “tubed” the entry into kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm, kin 19.11.


For this special entry into the year 19.11 we gathered at Avebury Stone Circle in the British Isles on kin 218 for the New Earth Wizards. We made a Genuine and Conscious Prayer of Recognition to the Ones who came before us. The meditation circle consisted of 19 kindred spirits. In the centre of our sacred circle, at the centre of the Temple of Avebury, we placed the Dreamspell, The 19:19 Crystal Matrix, a replica of the Sarcophagus of Pakal, and a small container with crystals and 33 Acacia Seeds from the Temple of Kukulkan. For 19 minutes we meditated and chanted in angelic tongues to awaken the Temple to receive the Universal Revelation. The following day, kin 219, we planted the 33 Seeds from the Land of the Maya, and the 33 crystals from land of Merlin in the 33 power points of the Temple. 

I do believe we are now beginning to feel the Ripples of Consciousness emanating from this Sacred Invocation. Can you feel the ripples of consciousness ?

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 


In this part I’m going to take a journey through the synchronic and prophetic numbers that bind this prophesy fulfilled. Fusing the prophetic works of Votan & Bolon Ik with the Crystal Codes of the Magus which I recently embed into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Journal. We will discover incredible symbiosis between the prophecy the Dreamspell and Telektonon, and the Universal Revelation of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. They offer a unique insight into what is unfolding here on Planet Earth, the 3rd Planetary Circuit from the Sun.


Pyramid Hologram Tzolkin Count

In a moment of revelation, I coded the Sacred Tzolkin into the the Cubic Years of the Pyramid Hologram. As Pakal fell into the mouth of the Dragon, he initiated the 1330+ year Pyramid Hologram Tzolkin count on 1 Imix, Red Magnetic Dragon.


As the graph above demonstrates, after exactly 5 Tzolkins in years ~ 1300 years/cubes/kins, Planetary Art Network was formed by Jose and Lloydine. PAN was the spiritual child of their love. It formed the backbone and fundamental base that created the revolution that we are all part of now. Without it, the initiation of the Dreamspell would have mostly gone unnoticed.

We give thanks to Votan and Bolon Ik for fulfilling this invocation for us to reap the harvest of multidimensional consciousness that we are living today.

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 

How elegant it is that the PAN Dream began upon kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon. Initiating 33 years of prophecy that would culminate in the reception of the Original Matrix of Gar on Pyramid Hologram Cube 1333, kin 33.

How elegant it is that it synchronises this year, Blue Spectral Storm, 19.11, with White Galactic Wizard, kin 34, the 1334th Year since the Ascension of Pakal. The same kin was initiated the Dreamspell in 1987.


Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 


The Tablets of Pakal

Found in the apex chamber of the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque are the original stone tablets from where the 80 calendar round prophecy was decoded. The tablets were created during Pakals lifetime and denote many of the “milestones” of his time on Earth, and for his future return.

There are 3 tablets in the Temple of Inscriptions.

  • The East Tablet contains 237 glyphs
  • The West tablet contains 240 glyphs
  • The Central Tablet contains 140 glyphs.

The codes for the Ancient-Future Return of Votan are to be found within the West Tablet. Encoded within a grid-matrix of 12 x 20 = 240 units are the infamous Piktun codes for the Future Return


240 is the number of units the 5D archetype walks in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix before entering the 11:11 Inner Matrix. As such 240 is the key 5D number of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

The Central Tablet is a grid of 14 x 10. A total of 140 glyphs. The Central Tablet is located at the exit point the “psychoduct” that connects Pakals tomb to the World. 140 is the Key number of the Telektonon. It is coded by kin 140, Yellow Planetary Sun, which is the kin for the Future Piktun date 


Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 


Telektonon Numbers


On the Telektonon Board there are a total of 80 “squares”

  • The Inner container is a grid of 12 x 6, which equals 72.
  • There are 72 units in the Outer Circuit of the 19:19 Matrix.
  • Valum Votan and Bolon Ik both completed the 72 unit life journey.
  • The extra 8 squares on the edges increase the Telektonon total to 80.
  • There are 80 units in the 21:21 Outer Circuit. There are 80 Calendar Rounds in the Ancient – Future Return of Pakal & Bolon Ik.
  • Pakal Votan completed his 80 year journey, ascending upon arriving to unit 81, Unit 1 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.
On page 34 of the Telektonon Gospel, verse 81 states “.. you will find 24 rays repeated 3 times, one half the number of the elect (3 x 24 = 72).”

Verse 81 states “And from each of the three oracle mouths of the arms of the cross of my Kuxam Suum, you will find 24 rays repeated 3 time, one half the number of the elect (3 x 24 = 72).”

  • Verse 81, is a homage to BMU 81 of the 21:21 / PHU 1 of the 19:19. The magical point in this prophecy that binds the 80 Calendar Round Prophecy of Pakal Votan with the Life Journeys of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik.
  • It is the Entry point of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. The Outer Circuit journey of the 19:19 Matrix contains (3 x 24 = 72) units.
  • Planet Earth ( Velotropa 24.3 ) is the 3rd LOOP of the 19:19 Matrix Solar Circuits, it has 24 units in its LOOP. 24 x 3 = 72..
The 6 Dimensional Merkaba construction of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is built from 2 x Base 8 tetrahedrons. To illustrate the tetrahedrons in 2D form, we use a Base 8 Triangle. The Base 8 Triangle has 36 sub-triangles. 2 x 36 = 72. Each LOOP of 72 units that Votan and Bolon Ik complete in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix seals a Merkaba, in 2D form.

Votan and Bolon Ik make 5 journeys around the LOOP for each Solar Sequence. 

5 x 72 = 360.

Each LOOP creates 1 Merkaba, Each Solar Sequence creates 5 Merkabas

5 Merkabas = 5 Stars

5 Star = 5 Lamat = = Ancient Future Return of Pakal & Bolon Ik.


Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 


The Tower of Babylon and 72

72 is a prophetic number found riddled in the ancient myths and scriptures. For example:

  • There were 72 Languages spoke at the Tower of Babylon.
  • The Tower of Babylon was built with 72 Pillars.

There are a total of 72 units in the LOOP of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Outer Circuit.

By dominating this Outer Circuit, the Ninth Circuit from the Central Sun, Votan and Bolon Ik dispel the lure of Babylon.

Love WINS !!! Shadows Dissolved!!!

In the Telektonon Game of Prophecy, Pakal enters the Tower of Babylon for his 16 day Warrior Journey. Upon completing the journey he is to be returned to Bolon Ik on Day 23. The Lovers Reunion
  • In the Telektonon Day 23 is when Votan exits the Warriors Journey and reunites with Bolon Ik. It is the Lovers Reunion.
  • In the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Unit 1 is where Votan and Bolon Ik reaffirm their vows every 72 days. The Lovers Vow points are Days/Units 1, 73, 145, 217, 289, and 361.

The 5D/6D Light codes that bind the spell

  • Unit 1       ~ 5D v1.1           ~ 6D v1.1     – kin 1 Dragon
  • Unit 73     ~ 5D v4.16       ~ 6D 7:7       – kin 73 Galactic Skywalker
  • Unit 145   ~ 5D v8.12       ~ 6D 9:9       – kin 145 Lunar Serpent
  • Unit 217   ~ 5D = v12.8   ~ 6D 3:3        – kin 217 Solar Earth
  • Unit 289  ~ 5D v16.4       ~ 6D 5:5        – kin 29 Electric Moon
  • Unit 361   ~ 5D v19.19      ~ 6D v11.11  – kin 101 Planetary Dragon

Units Total = 1 + 73 + 145 + 217 + 289 + 361 = 1086 = 33 x 33 – 3

Kin equivalent of 1086 is kin 46, White Resonant Worldbridger.

Kin 46 is the Day I received the Omegar Transmission from the Ancient Future Return of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik, DS Kin 46 is – 5 Lamat

5D Vector Total = 60.60

6D Vector total = 36.36 = 2 Base 8 Triangles = 1 Merkaba

36 + 36 = 72.

The Spell is most perfectly bound ! Only Light in the Round ! Only Light in the Round !


Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 


The Sarcophagus’ Hidden Sign

On the outer rim of Pakals Sarcophagus, there are 13 Clear Signs. They are ordered from the bottom left corner and continue around the side of the outer rim. 

The sequence begins with Pakals Birth kin, kin 60, and ends with kin 26. These kin are the Alpha and Omegar points of the Sarcophagus Sequence.

The Clear Signs

  1. 8 Sun, kin 60
  2. 6 Mirror kin 58
  3. 5 Earth, kin 57
  4. 7 Warrior, kin 176
  5. 9 Hand, kin 87
  6. 7 Sun, kin 20
  7. 11 Serpent, kin 245
  8. 2 Human, kin 132
  9. 2 Worldbridger, kin 106
  10. 3 Monkey, kin 211
  11. 4 Dog, kin 30
  12. 1 Sun, kin 40
  13. 13 Worldbridger, kin 26

Interestingly, kin 26’s numerical frequency clearly denotes revelation to the number 19. Cosmic (13) + Worldbridger (6) = 19.

If we look at the corner of the sarcophagus a little bit closer, you can see that the LOOP point between the Alpha Point Kin 60, and the Omega Point Kin 26 is the difference between the Cosmic Worldbridger and the Galactic Sun.

The hidden code that was threaded into the prophecy by the one who wrote the script is therefore:

8 Ahau (kin 60) – 13 Cimi (kin 26) = 8 Ix (kin 34)

Vaxac Ix (Galactic Wizard) is the hidden sign of Sarcophagus of Pakal and is the one that unifies the Alpha and the Omegar Points of the Prophecy of Pakal Votan & Bolon Ik.

In Lak’ech to the Planetary Kin.

May Love be Awakened in the Stone Hearts of the Ignorant !

Gar Magusa ~ G8IX ~ VotanIx

I appear to have wrote the script myself !


Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! 


to be continued….

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