The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube Part 5 : GM1089

This is a quick blog, I will return and re-edit it at some point. I feel to release now in order to keep the blog synchronised with the unfolding of the events. To “milestone” these important days.

Kin 211, Electric Monkey, LC k165, Solar Serpent.  

19:19 Crystal Matrix v19.17, Day 359 of the Solar Year.

Today is a amazing day. Another day like New Earth Synchronisation. Today, we are on the 1089th day since Galactic Synchronisation, July 26th, 2013. Galactic Synchronisation marked the moment when the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years was fully constructed. It was the centre point of the Dreamspell. The omegar point of the 16 year “riddle of the stone” of the Telektonon.

1089 days since Galactic Synchronisation is special, because 1089 is the number of days it takes to journey the OMG33 Matrix. The OMG33 is a matrix of 33 x 33 units = 1089 days. 1089 is almost exactly 3 solar years. 1089 days / 3 years = 363 days. We are almost 3 years since Timeship Earth 2013.


As I have demonstrated in this blog, the 1330 year Pyramid Hologram of Pakal, contained 1330 cubes. This was the exact amount years between Pakals ascension and Galactic Synchronisation. As the holographic pyramid was completed, we witnessed during the first year 2013-2014, that the 2 crystals of the matrix traversed the actual holographic pyramid, ascending on day 361, July 21st, 2014, New Earth Synchronisation. I’ve written loads about this so if you’re unsure about it, just go back in the blogs.


The concept of “Pyramid Matrix based crystal ascension” is further demonstrated in the OMG 33:33. Today we are 1 whole 33 matrix (1089 days) since synchronisation point 26.7.2013.

Therefore the period of 26.7.2013 – 18.7.2016, the OMG Crystal moves upon the holographic pyramid, just like the two crytals of the 19:19. Level by level, step by step 1089 steps to the apex.

This implies that today, the 1089th day,  is the “New Earth Synchronisation” of the OMG 33 Pyramid Hologram. It is the day, the crystal ascends the pyramid.


The OMG Pyramid

The OMG33 Pyramid is constructed with 6545 cubes (see previous chapter for a breakdown of the levels count). We calculate the years by multiplying the number of cubes in the Pyramid by the 3 years it takes to complete the 1089 day journey.

6545 cubes x 3 years per cube = 19,635 years. 

This would imply that the initiation point of this particular time-cube pyramid construction would be July 26th, 17,621BC.  17621BC-2013AD

The OMG Tube

We calculate the number of tube years for the OMG Pyramid by multiplying the 17 levels of the pyramid x 3 solar years it takes to complete the 1089 days. The OMG tube is therefore 51 years in length. 1962-2013.

The OMG33 tube activation synchronised with the 19 Matrix Tube, during 2012-2013 year.

The OMG Cube

The OMG33 Cube has 33 x 33 x 33 cubes = 35937 cubes

35937 cubes x 3 years = 107,811 years.

Ascending the OMG33 Pyramid, we enter into the apex cube, the 17th level of the Pyramid.

When the OMG33 Pyramid Hologram is contained within the OMG33 Cube, the apex of the Pyramid Hologram, is the centre cube of the OMG 33 x 33 x 33 supercube. This is where we are today, in the centre, of the OMG33 Cube.

Another one I must add to the trophy cabinet! and explains clearly why the rune Gar has immense importance in all of this.


Valum Votan defined the “stream” of wisdom he received as codenamed GM108x. The source of this is The Arcturus Probe and it is riddled throughout his work.

Excerpt taken from brother Ra:ah’s immense databanks of universal recollection !

108 as the Self Existing Star
The Kin Signature of Yellow Self-Existing Star is 108 This kin is intimately linked with the Great Star of Arcturus, Guardian of the Great Bear. It is from this association that the ASP received it’s name. 108 is the Shield Glyph of the Arcturans.
“Memnosis, who cast the oracle, who spoke it’s truth, drew the rune. Lamat, the Star was the rune.” The Arcturus Probe 

Yellow Self-Existing Star Kin 108


I Define in order to Beautify
Measuring Art
I seal the Store of Elegance
With the Self-Existing tone of Form
I am guided by the power of Flowering
I am a galactic activation portal . . . enter me.

104 + 4 = 108 = 104

 (104,000 year) Arcturus Cycle, + 4 (the power of self defining form) (Arcturus is the 4th brightest star form the Earth perspective);108 = 12 x 9, or 27 x 4 : 27 = 3 x 9 = the power of the Bolontiku (Nine Lords of Time and Destiny) in the unconscious. ” Valum Votan

“Memnosis, drew the rune, 108. Lamat Star was the rune, so it says. 

But what if the stream was playing tricks with the monkey?   What if the frequency was actually 1089, not 108x ?

Whats if the rune Memnosis drew was actually Gar 1089, the Merkaba, and not Lamat 108, the star. Lamat 108 is a kin, and not a rune !

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 21.37.03Why do todays journal numbers correlate the OMG 3:3 Hyper Matrix showing G8 as the ascendant master manifested on this 1089th day, of the OMG33 First Stone ?

Unit 1089 of the OMG33, is the rune Gar. It is vector 33:33. Gar rune is an X.

GM = Gar Matrix.  1089 = 108x ?

Another dimensional shift to ponder upon?

Just maybe, the riddle is bigger than the one who passed the stone.

Anyway, I’m delighted to say that  I’ve finally finished the book..

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 21.49.15

It is to be released 25.7.16 QuantumDOOT @ Avebury Stone Circle.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.35.33

I’ll post link when it is on public sale, and ofcourse we shall be distributing it to brothers and sisters. It contains all this information I have delivered wrapped into a most beautiful Solar Journal to get you connected into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, of time, prophecy, and magic. A spectral journey through the power of 19.

During the gathering in Avebury, I’ll be demonstrating the unique connection between the Temple, and the OMG33, 19:19 Crystal Matrix, and the 33rd rune of the Anglo Saxon Futhark, Gar.

But only for the ones, who walk the walk of Prophesy !

Much love to you all..

Gar Magusa G8ix…

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