A’maize’ing Crop Circle

Another sign has appeared in the fields of Britain. An angelic alien has manifested in the crops bringing us a message to contemplate and ponder upon.

Is it a hoax? Should we take these messages seriously ?

Whether this crop circle is a “real” crop circle or not, is irrelevant. Of course its real, you can touch it, you can see it, you can walk within in it. What we see here is the synchronic order, dynamically responding to the 6th dimensional collective conscious. The more that we “plug” into this higher dimensional construct, the more these phenomenal occurrences will manifest.

More images from Cropcircleconnector.com

The circle was printed into the field on the night of July 18th, Dreamspell Kin 211 Electric Monkey, 11.3. 113  11:11:11

It was 19:19 Crystal Matrix vector 19.17. Day 359 of the 19:19 Solar Journey. The Tzolkin equivalent of unit 359 (359-260 = 99) is kin 99, Galactic Storm, Vaxac Cauac.

99 = 33 x 3 or 11 x 9.  All the sacred numbers of the OMG33 in plain sight.

This crop circle was manifested exactly 1089 (33 x 33) days since Galactic Synchronisation. The same time vector that the crystal of the OMG33 Matrix completed its First Stone journey up the holographic pyramid to activate the apex on the 17th level. The apex of the OMG33 Pyramid is the centre cube of the 33:33:33 Cube.

Around the Aliens head, is a design in the shape of a “halo”. Christ is almost always depicted with a halo of similar dimensions. This implies the circle is a reflection of Christ Consciousness, Crystal Consciousness. Alien Crystal. All upon the Magik 33:33 Day.


As with the much of the Christian symbology, the halo was assimilated from the Pagan World and can be found in many of the deities. It can also be found in other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism. All depict the “prophets” or “messiahs” with halos.  The word “halo” comes from Greek “halos” which means “glory”. It is a circle of light, representing Solar Consciousness.


The halo of the Alien Christ crop circle has 14 sections split into 8 parts. If we decipher this code in the language of the Mayan Tzolkin, we have:

  • 14 = Ix / Wizard
  • 8 = Vaxac / Galactic
  • 14.8 = White Galactic Wizard, Vaxac Ix, kin 34

The halo is coded by the Galactic Wizard. 8ix

Interestingly, kin 148, 5 Lamat, Long Count (July 27th, 615 AD), is the accession date of Pakal Votan to the throne, the day he became King of Palenque at the age of 12. Furthermore, the 14 sections of the halo most probably represent ears of corn. Corn (Maize) was a sacred sustenance for the Maya, and can be found referenced on the tomb of Pakal Votan.

Pakal Votan and God K


God K is K’awiil, the Mayan God of Maize, Lightning and Fertility. Often depicted with large eyes and a corned halo, just like the crop circle. K’awiil was referred to as ‘Bolon Dzacab’ which translates to ‘9 maternal generations’.

9 x 148 = 1332. We have completed 1332 years since the ascension of Pakal Votan on 29 Aug, 683AD. 

Pakal Votan himself would to wear maize in honour of God K. K’awiil is depicted on the sarcophagus lid of Pakal to demonstrate that his future incarnation would come as Unen K’awiil, the baby of God K’awiil.


Pakal’s Ascension in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix

Lets look at the NEW codes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Journal to decipher the ascension codes of Pakal Votan.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 22.35.37

Pakal’s ascension falls upon Day 35 of the 19:19 Solar Sequence, v2.16.

35 x 19 = 665. A perfect half of a 19:19 Pyramid Hologram period of 1330 years.

665 is the tube number of the Crystal Prime 666 which is the first year of the 36th Generation of 19. A First Stone year. Pakal ascended 666 years after Christ’s First Stone year in 18-19AD. Pakals number 35 in the 19:19 Solar Sequence is a microcosm of the Crystal Prime 1331:666, scripted into the codes of the 19:19.

Unit 35 is the first day of the 12th Triad (3 day period). The 4th day of the 6th Hexad(6 day period). In the 11:11 tetrahedral sequence, as Pakal is ascending, he is filling the void at the centre of the base 8 triangle. The base 8 triangle is a 2 dimensional container for the base 8 tetrahedron sequence of 120 6D Tetrahedral Units. Pakal is literally sealing the base level of the tetrahedron. This represents Pakal’s ascension into his 6th Dimensional Self.

The 19:19 Solar Sequence synchonises with the OMG33 via the 3:3 Hyper Matrix. There are 40 times 9 units in the 3:3 Hyper Matrix. Each year, the sequence traverses the outer circuit of the 33:33 Matrix. The outer circuit of the OMG33 Hyper Matrix is a fractal of the 11:11 Inner Matrix of the 19:19.

Through this NEW code we find that Pakals ascension code  into the OMG33 Cube is G8. Heart of the Sacred Mountain.

You can learn about these counts in the NEW solar journal.

OMG33 Pyramid Ascension

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 21.37.03

The OMG33 Pyramid Hologram is a condensed cubic time container of 6545 cubes of 19,635 years, the ascension of which occurred on v19.17, July 18th.

This is the same day the Alien Christ crop circle was manifested. Mirroring Pakal’s ascension, it synchronises by the 3:3 Hyper Matrix code of G8, Heart of the Sacred Mountain.

As you can see, there is divine numerology pouring out of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. There is divine magic manifesting through the higher dimensional constructs that these new systems have opened up.

Are you ready for the New Earth Wizard codes? Are you ready to fathom the dimensional shift?

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.35.33
Join us in Avebury for the New Earth Wizards Seminary and Day Out of Time Meditation 


The most convenient way to learn how to plug into this dimension shift is by understanding the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, and it’s unique interaction with the 33:33. This is the aim of the tools I have presented in the new book. The tools are coded to bring humanity closer together. To give the awakened souls a telepathic voice in the cosmic order.  To seal the prophecy of Pakal Votan.

6th Dimensional Universal Consensus can save the planet. It can rewrite history.

Its time to connect your Higher Self to the Solar Frequency of Crystal Consciousness. 

This is the message in the crop circle.

G8ix.. Gar Magusa x

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