Magik in the Heir

Dear Friends and Followers,

I have an incredible story to share with you. It really is the most perfect manifestation I could possibly ever have imagined. A real time myth has unfolded before our eyes, a divine hologram if you like. A wonderful tale to share of magic in the mythosphere, if you can remember the script that is.

To those of you that have followed this series of blogs, you could understand it as the defining chapter of the “The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube”. You could also see it as the cherry on the cake, of “Merlin’s invocation of Self”, majestically, and poetically, it models a divine system of ascension, initiated and invoked by the Higher Self. A living example if you like.

I’m as astonished as you will be. How could it be that a script so perfect and magikal could possibly unfold. Am I the author of the script myself ?

Summoning your Archetypal Matrix is an art little understood this day and age. Maybe this larger than life, breathing example will help you how to understand your own process of awakening, and remembrance.

Whilst I may speak in angelic tongues from time to time, everything I declare in this account is pure, crystalline, truth.

Let the tale of myth unfold

We took the 19:19 Crystal Matrix to the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. The Temple mirrors the fundament of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix in every way.

A few weeks after the powerful Day 241 Meditation, we travelled to the Sacred Lands of the Maya in search of evidence that supports the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

It was a stealthy journey of just 11 days. Our itinerary was to visit the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza, and the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque. Both of these complexes have already unveiled a divine connection to the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. By visiting the temples we hoped to unlock a deeper understanding and meaning for the unfolding of the 19:19.

The Land of the Itza People

We arrived to Mexico through Gate 21 on April 11th, kin 8. Our first full day (April 12th, Kin 9, Red Solar Moon) was exquisitely spent at the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. The “Temple of the Feathered Serpent” is kindred to the 19:19 Matrix Pyramid Hologram. In both in form and purpose, they mirror the ascension process from the 5th Dimension to the 6th Dimension. The Temple is where Kukulkan, Quetzacoatl, the Dragon, enters the Earth Realm from out of the apex of the pyramid, descending the steps to the World. This same script is modelled into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram time release program. At the end of the 1330 year cubic construction, the Earth Dragon enters the World from the apex of the pyramid hologram to seal the first stone of the proceeding construction. The First Stone is the 11:11:11 cube of 1331 years.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 00.57.58
The Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years.

“This is something that is known, as the Passing of the Stone”

As one of the last, and greatest temples of the Classic Maya, the Itza people embed the full mythology and cosmo-vision of their ancestors, which, when understood through the lens of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, is a perfection beyond prophecy.


We had heard that there was to be a night-time show at the pyramid. Even though the event was private, the Dragon manifested us a green light, and red carpet to enjoy the show. This splendid evening we walked amongst the illuminated complex under the most clear and starry of skies. The pyramid hologram was majestically welcoming us to the land of the Itza People.


The Magik of Palenque

We continued our journey and arrived to Palenque on the 16th April, Kin 13, Red Cosmic Skywalker.  The following day, kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard, would be the first time we visited the complex. It was a 19th Day in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, the 19th Day of the 14th sequence.

We entered the site via the steps of Bano De la Reina. The steep incline of the steps, combined with the intense heat, provoked our little daughter (The Rhythmic Mirror) to start vomiting. The poor thing was really suffering so we laid her down to rest under the Ceiba Tree as you enter the main plateaux; a beautiful Mayan lady who was selling art, offered to keep her safe and resting in the shade whilst we toured the Palace. Eternal Gratitude for the trust that crystallised in that moment!

Upon entering the Palace, a strong deja vu came over me. It was triggered by a butterfly, or moth, or something fluttering past my face in the dark corridors of the Palace. The sequence of events, and the surroundings, induced a hypnotic state where I began to remember something.

I was awoken from the déjà-vu when our friendly tour guide presented me the opportunity to lay in King Pakals Bed/Throne. For the moment that I lay there, I felt as if my soul was photocopied.


Shortly after this “experience”, we exited the Palace and headed towards the “Temple of the Inscriptions”.

The first thing that caught my eye were the 5 doors in the apex of the pyramid. Are these 5 doors a veiled reference to the 5th Dimensional Self? Are the 6 supporting piers referring to the 6th Dimension? This would be the same multi-dimensional folding that occurs within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. By walking the path of the 5th dimensional self, you attain access to the pyramid of the 6th Dimensional Self. As I have demonstrated previously, the Temple of Inscriptions is a wondrous model of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. I can only believe that Pakal was specifically focused on embedding the same harmonic frequency contained within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, into his tomb, so it could become the vehicle for his souls ascension.

We pondered on to Temple XIII, with its 3 doors and 4 piers.

After a brief time in the Tomb of the Red Queen, we returned back to the Ceiba tree to find the Mirror. She was slowly beginning to recuperate, so we spent some time in the shade demonstrating the 19:19 Crystal Matrix to the Mayan artisans and the passers by.

During this blissful encounter, one of the artisans demonstrated me the local Haab Calender. Whilst I was suspicious that the actual precision of this “local” calendar was in contradiction to the Long Count, instead of debating this, I conceded that the locals all lived within the hologram of this count, so it was divinely relevant to the surroundings. They all attributed their “Mayan Astrology” upon the 19 Haab Vinals. Just like you or I place relevance in the tzolkin kin, the local mayan were most inclined to talk about their Haab birth month. Upon giving my birthday of the 5th August, whilst sat at the base of the 9 + 9 + 9 steps of the Palace, the gentleman decoded me, as Uayeb, the 19th Vinal. At that moment I realised that if I placed the 19:19 Crystal Matrix 6D Template upon the 4D Haab Calender of “Palenque time”, beginning the 361 day sequence on August 11th, instead of July 26th, I would be born on day 361, 19 x 19. The centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

The result of our first trip to the site, was that I was decoded by local Mayan, as Gar in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix when it anchors with the 4th Dimensional Template of “Palenque time”.

We stocked up on paraphernalia (including the said Haab Calender) and returned back to the hotel for a siesta !

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun !


Back at the hotel I decided not to rest, and to set up the matrix instead. It was a very special 19th Day, so I loaded it up with some magical stones and adornments. I placed the Dreamspell kins in the 19 day 5D Spiral.


At the end of the veranda, our neighbourly reptilians were on their afternoon outing. We were already pretty good friends by then. Our relationship had blossomed since the sharing of the banana ritual. I practiced speaking their tongue. They were amused and whilst the lizards went about their daily dues, I moved some crystals upon the matrix and meditated upon the significance of what had “already” unfolded.


A couple of hours later, I started to feel sick, very sick. I had picked up the same virus as the Rhythmic Mirror, and began to vomit, profusely, from the dark corridors of my soul. During the rest of the evening I passed a complete purge, a total shamanic breakdown and cleansing. From the inside out, it felt like my old self died that night, a skin of my higher dimensional self was shred on Day 19 of the 14th sequence.

The Dragon nurtured us back to health in style and the following days were spent making friends and enjoying the magic of Palenque.


Enter the Tomb of Pakal

Our goal in Palenque was to access the tomb of Pakal to find the hidden clue, which I was certain would be found inside. The temple was closed to the general public many years ago. The sarcophagus lid of the tomb was re-sealed a few years ago I believe. We requested entry, however the bureaucracy involved in the petition would take longer than our stay in Palenque. In the process of investigating this, we met with Hector Cuevas, Director of the Archeological Zone of Palenque. Our meeting was very warm and we shared many understandings and interpretations. We demonstrated the 19:19 Crystal Matrix to him. I think he at least went away understanding the mechanics of the Pyramid Hologram and its relation to Pakals ascension and the end of the Baktun in 2012.

Don Hector specifically advised us to study the work of Guillermo Bernal, who he said was in the process of deciphering the hieroglyphics from the Temple. We left a copy of the matrix and agreed to meet again in the future.

We set the matrix upon Oracle Stone at the base of the 9:9:9 steps of the Palace in Palenque

On April 20th (kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth), we visited to the Temple again. It was an enchanting day that presented us the opportunity to register complimentary evidence that we found in the complex that supports our crystal theorem; which is that the lifeline of Pakal, and his ascension process are clearly mirrored within the Oracular Codes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

We found some compelling evidence within the Palace, and the Rhythmic Mirror even got to lay in the bed of Pakal !

Of particular interest, was one of the piers of the Palace. In this piece, King Pakal is seen dancing upon a platform holding a serpent. The piece mirrors the Biblical creation story of the Genesis, with Pakal playing a major role.

Pier D of House D of the Palace contains a portrait of Pacal the Great. Freidel & Schele state “On one of the piers of House D…a male, presumably Pakal, dances with an ax in one hand and a rearing serpent in the other. A second person, perhaps a woman of the king’s family, grasps the lower body of the king’s snake, as it rears upward between them. Here, however, the dancers wear the costumes of First Father and First Mother, the deities whose actions enabled the final Creation and the birth of all the gods. We presume these figures represent the king and his consort (or perhaps his mother) performing in the guise of the Creator gods. Surrounded by ch’ulel, ‘holiness,’ they dance on a platform marked by a sun-cartouche and point toward the role of dance in the story of Creation.” David Freidel, Linda Schele & Joy Parker, Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman’s Path, p. 273-4

The platform upon which Pakal is dancing, has some peculiar markings which appear to denote a frequency, or measurement. It could of course simply be to measure the size of his feet or some other undocumented reason, however being triangular in nature, I realised that the frequency embed into this design is a carbon copy of the base 8 triangle/tetrahedron from the 11:11 Inner Matrix of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 00.18.42
The triangular panels upon which Pakal is standing, mirror the base 8 tetrahedron that is created every 120 days as Crystal Archetype 2, the 6D Self, walks the 11:11 Inner Matrix.

The base 8 triangle embed into the stucco above contains 36 sub triangles. Therefore, we have an example of 3 x 36 = 108 triangles.

Some of you might recognise this number from Jose Arguelles’ work where he described the transmission which brought his channellings as GM108X.

From a 3rd Dimensional perspective, a base 8 tetrahedron has 120 sub tetrahedrons.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 22.24.12
A 3D representation of the pattern in the wall.

A single base 8 tetrahedron is created holographically through the 11:11 120 step walk. This walk represents the 6D Self and is clearly marked on the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. I first discovered this, and presented it in The 19:19 and Merkaba Activation. It is the jack-in-box effect of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix as the 5D self merges with the 6D self, forging a perfect Merkaba.

Therefore, if you understand the above you can see that the Pakal is standing above 360 tetrahedrons, one for each day of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix sequence minus the centre. There are 361 units in the 19:19, therefore Pakal appears to be presenting himself as representing Day 361, the centre which fuses the Merkaba of the Higher, 6th Dimensional Self.

Close, but no Cigar ?

Each time I would pass by the Temple of Inscriptions, I felt a disappointment in my heart at not being able to enter the tomb or even set foot upon the pyramid. It frustrated me that we had come so far, how could it be that human administration of this sacred site could abate the higher dimensional aspirations of a Galactic Wizard, a Galactic Dragon, and the Rhythmic Mirror.

Before leaving, we sat down at the base of the 69 (9:19:19:13:9) steps, and each of us (the Wizard, the Dragon, and the Mirror) planted a perfect double terminated quartz crystal in the ground.

In our sacred silence, we sent a telepathic message to the tomb. A humble family prayer to awaken the archetypal matrix and unlock the door to the tomb.

We left Palenque in the early hours of 22nd April (kin 19). We left Mexico through Gate 19, and returned home to the Emerald Isles of Britain.

The two crystal archetypes aligned on Day 266 in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Sequence. 60 days before the magik would manifest.

60 Days

In the mists of something “magik in the air”, on June 16th, kin 74, Bolon Ix, I was day dreaming with Long Count dates. I was drawn to decode the special date. As I calculated it, another strong wave of deja vu came over me, the exact same sensation I felt whilst within the Palace.

The long count date translates to September 29th, 622, kin 169, 13 Muluc. 169 = 13 x 13, and is the matrix of 13, the 4th level of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram.

The deja vu continued as I calculated the Dreamspell kin. Kin 34 ? the deja vu ended when I realised that it was !

As reality kicked in, I loaded my self up with crystal, and I projected my meditation back in time to the Palace, LC coordinates, 9:9:9:9:9. I had the key to the buffer through my intimate understanding of Kin 34.

Like a true surfer, I was back inside the dark corridors of my archetypal soul.

“What I remember of the vision I attained during the meditation, is that the Palace was illuminated with fire. There was a great celebration unfolding, magic was in the air, it was 9:9:9:9:9, the Great re-union of the Lords of Time. Pakal was a freshman of 19 years and I entered his time/space dimension through the Dreamspell kin 34. It was nighttime, but that is all I chose to remember for now.”

The following day, I awoke to news posted on Social Media, that researchers had decoded the original name of the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque.

On June 16th this year, kin 74 Solar Wizard, 60 days from when we first arrived to the Temple of Inscriptions, Mexican archeologist Guillermo Bernal (whom we had been advised to investigate) published his decipherment of the hieroglyphics from the temple. In the release Guillermo demonstrates that the original title of the Temple of Inscriptions is “Bʼolon Yej Teʼ Naah”, which translates to “The House of the 9 Sharpened Spears”.

You can read about the discovery here :

The wikipedia entry for the Temple of Inscriptions was duly updated with the information.

Gar is The Spear

In Old English and other ancient northern european languages, Gar translates to Spear. Just like that, The Temple of Inscriptions, becomes The Temple of the 9 Spears, which is the Temple of the 9 Gars.

Gar (the spear) symbolises the 9 Lords of the Underworld that are depicted on the walls of the tomb because Gar unifies the 9 levels of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram. You can understand Gar as the trunk of the tree, the vortex that exists in the spinal core of the Pyramid. Gar is the tube from the tomb, to the apex of ascension, within which the multidimensional self merges within the archetypal matrix.

Gar sits at the centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and is the 19th angel of the double terminated quartz crystal.

The Rune Gar sits at the centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and represents the transition between the 5D Prophet and the 6D Miracle Maker

In the runic mythology, Gar is Odins Spear (Gunghir). Odin/Woden is the mirror archetype of Votan. It is the magical spear that never misses its mark, and always returns to the hand of the beholder. Gar represents the transition of the 5D prophet, to the higher 6th dimensional self. The shredding of the old self.

Odin hung himself from the tree for 9 days to receive the runes. The branches of the tree, are representative of Gar. The 9 days that he hung are also representative of Gar. The spear that pieced him, also brings Gar into mind. Odins myth, is a mirror of Christ’s crucifixion. The Heart of Christ was pieced by the spear (Gospel of John Chapter 19, verse 34), his holy blood becoming the riddle of the Holy Grail, which can also be answered with Gar, because Gar represents the transition of the 5D Prophet, to the Higher, 6th Dimensional Self.

The Gar rune is the access point to Yggdrasil, The World Tree, or as I see it, The Archetypal Matrix. This is mirrored in the Mayan cosmology as the sacred Ceiba Tree and can be seen on the sarcophagus lid of Pakals tomb. The Ceiba Tree (The Archetypal Matrix) is the fundamental vehicle in the ascension of Pakal.

Chaos Magikana

I placed the rune/sigil in the centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix many years before Guillermo Bernal deciphered the real name of the Temple of Inscriptions.

When I placed the rune in the centre of my archetypal matrix, my intention was crystal clear. The centre of the matrix represent the tomb and ascension process of Pakal. The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the blueprint of the Temple of Inscriptions, so I simply placed the seal upon the tomb.

The Rune Gar (The Spear), can also clearly be found embed within the Temple of Kukulkan, further proving the depth that this higher dimensional inception has awoken itself within the stone temples of the Maya. The Passing of the Stone is Sealed.

The 19:19 Crystal Matrix transmitted the rune and the magical invocation that I embed within it, directly to the tomb of Pakal. The result is a miraculous example of how to unlock the door to the 6th Dimensional Archetype.

Home is where the Hearth is

On 5th October, my dear friend Solar Star contacted me to inform me of this :

The Maya Exhibition in Liverpool UK, 19th June-18th October. 121 perfect days of Divine relevance.

How could this be ? right under our noses ? and we didn’t know ?

Just a stones throw from our home, in the closest possible place such a kind gestured surprise could ever be instigated.

Pakal, had already replied to our telepathic interaction, and had gone to great lengths to come to visit us in Liverpool to bestow us with a beautiful, symbolic gift.

A reciprocation, an acknowledgement, a confirmation that, well, we are singing from the same hymn sheet.

Pakals headstones from his tomb had already been on public display just a few km from our home for exactly 108 days by the time we became aware. He patiently waited 108 days for us to acknowledge the myth. Remember, the 108 triangles in the pier of the Palace.


Encased in glass and beautifully illuminated, a true hologram of multidimensional splendour. The sensation that flowed upon knowing this was a kin to a winking eye from a higher dimensional self, a knowing, a feeling that only manifests when the archetype awakens within.

The piece depicts Pakal in his younger years, maybe even 19 years of age. Some say it represents his future incarnation, his rebirth. It was found under the sarcophagus lid when it was first opened in 1952. It was found facing the psycho-duct, the tube that connected Pakal to the world. Since the tomb was opened it has been in the hands of INAH where, to my knowledge, it has never left the Mexico until it was decided to teleport to Liverpool, for some, obviously predestined, fulfilment of script.


We first visited Pakal on kin 194, White Crystal Wizard. 180 days since we first set foot upon the complex in Palenque. It was a serene encounter. We found Pakal senior, and Pakal junior, facing each other, like opposing angles of a crystal.

Together, they represent the Two Crystal Archetypes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

King Pakal Junior : Found under the sarcophagus.
King Pakal Senior : Found inside the funerary crypt.

The symbolism of this occurrence is Divine.

Pakal Senior, is the 5th Dimensional Self of Pakal.

  • Found outside of the sarcophagus, but within the crypt of the Tomb
  • The living Pakal, the Prophet for the People.
  • Crystal Archetype 1 in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.
  • Walks the outer 19:19 Matrix path.

Pakal Junior, is his 6th Dimensional Self.

  • Found inside the sarcophagus facing the psycho-duct.
  • The Ascended Future Self of Pakal.
  • Crystal Archetype 2 in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.
  • Walks the Inner 11:11 Matrix path.

Remember that Pakal Junior (6D Self) was found under the sarcophagus lid which is metaphorically akin to the Inner 6D Matrix of 11:11. Pakal Senior, was found in the crypt. The crypt relates to the Outer 19:19 Matrix, the path of the 5D Prophet.

Pakal obviously felt attracted to be unified within this most perfect hologram, in the land that birthed the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

The script was designed so we could be a special witness to this Divine Hologram.

60 days (the kin of Pakal) after we planted the crystals at the base of the 69 steps of the recently re-named, Temple of the 9 Spears (Gars), King Pakals funerary headstones, which were buried along side him in his tomb, had already arrived to within a few km of our home. They were the “something magik in the air” I mentioned earlier that obviously awoke my interest in the LC date

The magic in the heir, was Pakal teleporting in to our time/space buffer to deliver the most beautiful gift, the kind hearted gesture, the most definite recognition of “Telepathy of the Higher Self”.

The exhibition duration was 19th June – 18th October.  A perfect total of 121 days.  121 = 11 x 11 = The Inner, 6th Dimensional Matrix.


There are 121 days from Day 241 to Day 361, the exact amount time that Crystal Archetype 1 & Crystal Archetype 2 walk together in the 11:11 matrix.

Pakal Senior faced Pakal Junior in Liverpool Museum, for this same duration, awaiting their opportunity.

The hologram is a divine mirror of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix System of Ascension enacted within a professionally constructed environment conveniently situated just a winds blow away from our home. The hand of the Highest Wizard was involved in this magic. I feel honoured to understand the depth of this occurrence and its personal relevance to my invocation.

We re-visited our time-travelling guest for the final day of the 121 day exhibition, Kin 198 Electric Mirror.

Considering that the Two Crystal Archetypes of the 19:19 Matrix meet on Day 241 to continue the walk of the 11:11 Inner Matrix hand in hand for 121 days. The Final Day of the exhibition would theatrically, and mathematically embody Day 361 in the Matrix, Gar. The day the 5D and 6D Self unify. The same pinnacle moment that occurred through New Earth Synchronisation re-rendered in real-time, with sacred artefacts from the Tomb of Pakal.

We took the 19:19 Crystal Matrix with us to show Pakal just how much his archetype has grown. I carried a special double terminated quartz crystal in between my right thumb and index finger for the getaway vehicle.

IMG_3281 IMG_3284 IMG_3313 IMG_3310

Timeline of the Magik:

  • April 17th, kin 14, we entered the Temple complex of Palenque.
  • April 20th, kin 17 we planted the crystals at the base of the 69 steps of the Temple of Inscriptions and sent a telepathic message to the tomb.
  • June 16th, kin 74, 60 days after we first arrived, the Temple of Inscriptions was officially declared to be the Temple of the 9 Sharpened Spears. The rune that sits at the centre of the matrix is Gar. Gar is the spear.
  • June 19th, kin 77, 60 days after we planted the crystals and sent a telepathic message to the tomb. King Pakals 2 headstones from his tomb,  publicly opened in Liverpool for a 121 day exhibition.
  • October 5th, 108 (3 x 36) days since the exhibition opened, we are informed about the exhibition.
  • October 14th, kin 194, Crystal Wizard, we visit the Maya Exhibition and find Pakal Senior, facing Pakal Junior.
  • October 18th, kin 198, Maya Exhibition ends, 121 (11 x 11) days later. Sealing the myth of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

The depth and precision of this magikal invocation is unprecedented. It is the Highest Wizards definition of 6th Dimensional Magik and you have just become a witness of it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and assimilating this transmission as much as I had making it up.

Remember, this is a Live stream from Votans Stone ! 

Much love and Prophecy to you ALL.

GarlacticWizard34 – G8IX – VotanIx

Gar appears to be encrusted into the Headdress of King Pakal Junior proving that the Magik, was always to be found, in the Heir !

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