Merlins Invocation of Self Part 3

“…Bind the angels for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, until the day of their judgement and consummation. Enoch 10:12

In this edition I am going to pull upon the threads of Merlins Invocation of Self to further decipher the prophetic-messianic complex of the ascended masters of our times, demonstrating how this 5D-6D shift has been impregnated into the cultural timeline and theological psyche of humanity, time and time again.

Lets Define a Generation

Before going further we should define a generation. I’m not talking about the sixties or nineties. I’m talking about a frequency in nature that is undeniably obvious and pure.

How long is a generation ? 30 years ? 70 years ?

Fact. It takes 19 years for the Lunar cycle to re-synchronise with the Solar cycle. The Metonic cycle of 19 years was understood by many of the ancient Earth tribes and is our most recognised standard of measuring time. The 19 year cycle has been studied immensely in many scientific texts and pagan/religious wisdoms. There is evidence everywhere within the timeline.

Therefore, if consensus is that we should define a “generation” as 19 years in length, then the “70 Generations” prophesied in verse 12 of the 10th chapter from “The Book of Enoch” above would amount to exactly 1330 years.

70 x 19 = 1330

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 00.57.58
In glorious technicolour ! The 1330 Year/Cube Pyramid Hologram is a perfect 70 x 19 years periods

As I have previously defined, there were a perfect 1330 years between Pakals ascension (683AD) and Completion of the Dreamspell, Timeship Earth 2013AD. The same amount of cubes are modelled in the Pyramid Hologram of the 19:19 Matrix that manifested between Pakals Ascension in 683AD and Garlactic Synchronisation in 2013. This is the given yardstick upon which this prophetic standard shall be measured and as I will explain further within this text, the 1330 year ascension process of Pakal is found throughout the theological, and cultural timeline of humanity. This perfectly scripted “period” of 1330 years forms the backbone of this gnostic truth, and defines the origin point from where these periodic “culture shifting” wave forms initiated.


English Archeologist Flinders Petrie (kin 211, Electric Monkey) was the first man to truly get his hands dirty studying the Pyramids of Giza. He excavated three thousand years of Egyptian history and discovered the many cycles of Egyptian civilisation. Being the first to do this, he had the honour of designing prehistoric cultural theory. He studied European cultural shifts against that of the Egyptians.

In his book “The Revolutions of Civilisation”, written in the year 1911, William defines that

“the average period of a cultural shift within a civilisation is 1330 years: the shortest about half that amount, and the longest about half as long again.”

Average = 1330 years, Shortest = 665 years, Longest = 1995 years.


Pakal initiated the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years upon his ascension in 683 AD, culminating with its completion in 2013 for Galactic Synchronisation. Using this as a starting point, if we go back in time exactly “one half” of a 1330 year period (665 years) from Pakals ascension, we find ourselves in the year 18AD.

Jesus Christ would (theoretically) be living his 19th year on Earth, a perfect generation of 19. This correlates Christ to be in his prime of 19 years, during the 666th cycle (36th generation) of the 1330 year period before Pakals ascension(648BC-683AD). Christ, at his generational prime of 19 years of age was threaded through the centre point (in linear time) of the Pyramid Hologram which culminated just a few weeks before Pakal would ascend.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 14.51.27
As I plotted the1330 year Pyramid Hologram over the timeline, a certain pattern began to emerge. A triangular waveform became bound within the graph, a kin to the shadow that descends the stairway of the Temple of Kukulkan at Equinox. Christ at 19 years of age is at the centre of a 3 x 70 generation timeline between the completion of Stonehenge in 1978BC and New Earth Synchronisation 2014. This 3991 year construction of the 6D Crystal Merkaba was spear-headed through the magikal inception of Gar. The design with the graph also demonstrates the origin of the Gar runic symbol as a 2 dimensional form spread over the 4th dimension of this timeline.

The Blue Line

Christ was talked of in the New Testament as a 12 years old boy, and again when he initiated his ministry at 30 years. Jesus’ “missing years” are recorded in the Bible as between 18 and 19 years in length.

If we delve further back in time from the life of Jesus, another 665 year period, we find ourselves at the year 648BC. This was the peak of the Zoroastrian Religion throughout the Middle East. The Magi who prophesied Jesus were the Zoroastrian Wizards (the 3 Magus)

The riddle keeps unravelling as we go back “half as long again” to 1313BC, the date recorded in the Bible that the Israelites gathered on Mt Sinai as Moses received the Torah from God. This milestone is the initiation year of the Jewish Religion. It is specifically written in the Bible and the Torah.

The Abrahamic “Blue line” angelically binds Moses & Christ  over a 1330 year Pyramid Hologram (1313BC-18AD) directly correlating the life of Christ, as a “messianic” archetype prophesied in the Abrahamic line. Does this prove that Jesus really was the “King of the Jews” ? It certainly proves that there were 1330 years between Moses’ revelation and Christ at 19.

The next 1330 year period (18AD-1348AD) marks the rise of the numerous schisms within the Abrahamic line and a descent to a date associated with the Black death in Europe and the persecution of the Jews. All products of the Blue, Abrahamic line.

The Red Line

On the “Red line” of the Earth Wizards, 70 Generations of 19 are angelically “bound” into the 19:19 1330 cube Pyramid Hologram of Pakal, transmitting his 6D Self telepathically into the thought-forms of Gar and the release of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix into the 5th Dimensional Mythosphere in the final cubes of the prophecy, creating the visionary “omega point” of the mathematical model, which is New Earth Synchronisation.


The completion of Outer Ring of Stonehenge was around 1978BC

After systematic deciphering of this “acheo-dimensional” timeline, I arrived to the “alpha point” of the 3991 year period. The initiation point was July 26th, 1978BC.

Embed within this same timeframe was the completion of Stonehenge, upon when it would have been dedicated by the initiator of this prophecy, maybe even upon the completion of the first cycle, July 21st, 1977BC.

Within the same time-space coordinates, the original invocation code was engraved into the Gold Lozenge found buried at Bush Barrow, which was within a stones throw from Stonehenge. Bush Barrow was the ceremonial tomb of whom I believe to be the initiator of this prophecy. An archetype who over saw the completion and dedication of Stonehenge as the original invocation of Merlin. He was found buried with this sacred artefact on his chest, over his heart. Alongside him was his Spear (Gar).

The Lozenge contains the original callback code to the Merlinian source.

The 36 triangles on the Lozenge, represent the 36th generation of 19 years, which is the 666th year of the 70 generational period we understand as the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 cubes. It is the merging point of the Blue and Red Lines. The 9×9 matrix code within the lozenge is the 6th level of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid. It is also a new system I will talk about at the end of this article, codenamed “The AlphaOMatrix”.



Studying the “red line” deeper, the first period of 1330 years (1978BC-648BC) that we model in the graph, see’s the flowering of the Pagan world with Temples appearing in various global sites with abundant communities. In parallel, it contains the rise of Zoroastrianism as a Monotheistic framework. It marked a period when monotheism and paganism lived in apparent harmony and peace. During the second period of 1330 years (648BC-683AD), as the red line descends we note a persecution of the Pagan World (The Red line) at the hands of the Abrahamic Religions, culminating in its almost complete annihilation.

After the ascension of Pakal, and the subsequent collapse of the Mayan Civilisation, and pretty much the rest of the remaining Pagan World, the redline completes its 3991 year journey in 2012-2013-2014 with the telepathic synchronisation of sacred knowledge through the Pakal – Gar archetypal stream. This is why the work of Pakal and the Classical Maya in preserving this sacred wisdom in the temple designs and codices was paramount to the completion of this study. Had Pakal have not embed the riddle within his tomb, had he not cast the magic spell, we would never understand any of this, never mind to comprehend it in such glorious technicolour.

The Crystal Prime

As you can see in the model, the two archetypal lines (red and blue) oscillate in harmony as a triangular time-wave, rising and falling over time. Synchronising the “cross-over points” every 666th, or 1331st year, at the beginning of every 36th, or 71st generation.

This is what I define as the Crystal Prime 1331:666.

As an example of the Crystal Prime, Pakal ascended 1996 (1330+666) years after the revelation of Moses, signifying that Pakal was the Crystal Prime of the Old Testament. It was on the 666th year after the culmination of the (Moses – Christ) 70 Generations, Pakal would ascend, initiating the Pakal – Gar transmission.

Christ at 19 years of age, would be the Crystal Prime of the initiation of this prophecy in 1978BC, marked with completion of Stonehenge. In this same manner, the Gar archetype is the Crystal Prime of the 1330 year Pyramid Cycle initiated by Christ. It would be upon the 666th cycle after the completion of the 1330 year construction initiated by Christ at 19 years that New Earth Synchronisation would be fulfilled. The Crystal Prime is the unification of the Blue and Red Archetypal Streams. Where two streams of wisdom unite as a singular, higher dimensional source-code frequency 1331:666 !!!

Interestingly, 666 is a triangular number, and can be represented as a base 36 triangle. The 666th year in the Pyramid Hologram cycle is the first year of the 36th Generation of 19.

So, the theorem of the Crystal Prime 1331:666, is what New Earth Synchronisation teaches. It is the First Stone. It marks a point in the oscillations where the two streams unite on a 5th Dimensional(Prophetic) and 6th Dimensional (Messianic) paradigm. It is a dimensional shift, a re-occurring milestone in the mystery of this system.

To end this series, I want to introduce you briefly to a system I developed during the First Cube of the Tube Years (2003-2013). The system is codenamed the ” AlphaOMatrix “ although I like to refer to it as Merlins Chess.

It is the matrix system I used to uncover all this wisdom. It unlocked the Tomb Cube of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Tube Activation (the first of the final 11 years of the 3991 year prophecy). It interlocks beautifully with the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

Presenting “The AlphaOMatrix”. Synchronising Prophecy since 1978BC.


Completed : kin 99 Dreamspell, LC kin 53, 19:19 Crystal Matrix Day 247 { v13.19 }

Published : kin 100 Dreamspell, LCkin 54, 19:19 Crystal Matrix Day 248 { v14.1 }



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