Quantum Leap Day : Day 366

Every 4 years, the Gregorian, and Dreamspell Calendrical systems correct the 6 hour surplus of the Earths Orbit around the Sun, with an extra “Leap Day” on the 29th February.

The Dreamspell calendar refer to this day as “Hunab Ku 0.0”. It is an empty day with no kin.

Hunab Ku 0.0 falls on Day 219 on the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, Day 60 (Feb 29th) of the 12 month Gregorian year. Galactic Moon 22-23 in the Dreamspell.

The Gregorian Calendar injects an void day upon the Dreamspell Calendar to keep the 13 Moon 52 year bearer fractal in tune.

From the perspective of the 19:19 Matrix , we feel it somewhat rude to interrupt the flowering matrix sequence with a pause between these days. The leap day is Day 219 in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix which is most certainly relevant.

But should we pause the natural flow of the matrix ?

From the perspective of the 19:19 crystal sequence of 361 days, the model offers sufficient opportunity to reconcile this extra leap day within days 361-365. By simply adding the extra leap day on the 366th Day of the 19:19 Solar Year we would achieve the goals of maintaining sync with celestial events whilst avoiding the nuisance of breaking up the 19 day crystal meditation through the 19:19.

Fulfilling with the above, the “Quantum Leap Day” of the 19:19 Matrix falls upon the 366th day of every 4th year. In the Gregorian, July 25th. In the Dreamspell this equates to the Day Out of Time, of each Wizard Year. This year it will be kin 218, Planetary Mirror.

The “Mirror in the code” is that the 19:19 Crystal Matrix reflects the perfection of the Earths orbit of the Sun.

The square root of the Earths Orbit of 364.25 days = 19.11

In the 19:19 crystal system there are two matrices of 19 x 19 and 11 x 11 respectively. Synchronically, February 29th is Day 219 of the Solar Year. Tzolkin Kin 219 is Spectral Storm 19.11.

On the 366th Day of this White Planetary Wizard Year, Day Out of Time, kin 218 we will correlate the 6 hour discrepancy of the Earths 360 degree orbit of the Sun. With a #1919QuantumDOOT

Most calendars of the ancient Earth Tribes were built upon the 360. The 360 day Solar Calendar is the calendar of Humanity. It has been engraved into many cultures. The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Zoroastrians and countless others functioned via this 360 day solar mean + 5 special days dedicated to Divinity.

The Zoroastrians, using a 12:30 calendar template, referred to the 5 extra days as the Gah days. The days to celebrate the Gathas, the ancient hymns. The Gah days were the Zoroastrians most sacred days. If there was a leap year, they would simply add an extra Gah Day at the end.

The mirror between the Rune Gar at the centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix synchronised with the beginning of the Gah days in the Zoroastrian Calendar on day 361 is a resounding verification of the “mirror code” that emanates out of the 19:19 Matrix. The Gah days are celebrated with the 241 stanzas (verses) of the Gathas, the Songs of the Master. Re-member Day 241 and the unification of the Crystals ?

Day 361 (19:19), also synchronises with the 18:20 Haab Calendar of the Mayans, Day 361 being the beginning of the 19th Vinal, Vayeb 0. The 5 Mayan Vayeb Days are spent in Submission to the Sacred, in connection with the Inner Self. This is an ancient tradition of the Magi, the Original Earth Wizards!

We should honour it within our calendar year as a time to gather in the Garden, a time to give thanks, make offerings, and to celebrate the sacred ! It is, after all is said and done, the days when the 19:19 Crystal Merkaba is completely activated and preparing for the re-initiation on Day 1.

#1919QuantumDOOT ~ Kin 218 ~ July 25, 2016 ~ A “Quantum Leap” into kin 219

Have a beautiful Space-Time-Myth Experience wherever you may be !

In Lak’ech – Namaste – Anam Cara
Gar8ix ~~~~~~~~

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