Quantum Leap for Mankind

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This is my 15th post in this series. The Eagle has landed !kin219Blue Spectral Storm, kin 219

I Dissolve in Order to Catalyse,

Releasing Energy,

I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation

With the Spectral tone of Liberation

I am Guided by Own Power Doubled !

Exactly 64 Tzolkin Cycles ago today, M ūüėČ ūüėČ nday¬†July 21st, 1969, Dreamspell kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm, Neil Armstrong became the first human¬†to set foot on the surface of the¬†moon. It is said that his footprints will remain visible for a million years ! Kin 219, is a Storm (19) that is guided by the Storm(also the power of 19), and as such is a fractal of the 19:19 Matrix and the two (19) crystal archetypes¬†that form the single 6D Merkaba of the Higher Self¬†! 19 guided by the power of 19. Blue Spectral Storm¬†beholds the Dreamspell frequencies of 19 (Storm) and 11 (Spectral). Both of these numerical powers are what synchronise the Earths orbit to the Sun, in¬†that 19.11 x 19.11 = 365.24 Valum Votan describes the significance¬†of 19.11 in The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time as:

19.11. The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the divine return of mind to source. By making conscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of universal transcension. God is the magnet of universal transcension.

19.11 is representative of the two interwoven matrices within the 19 Matrix Meditation. The Outer 5D 19:19 matrix of 361 steps

The outer matrix of 19 x 19 steps is walked by the 5D Crystal archetype.

The Inner 6D 11:11 Matrix of 121 steps

The inner matrix of 11 x 11 steps is walked by the 6D Higher Self. It is a dynamic pointer to your higher 6D Self. The Higher 6D self interacts with the Stone and forges your 5D/6D Self

Footprints on the Moon¬† July 21st, the day Neil Armstrong made footprints on the moon, is Day 361 ( 19.19 ) in the 19 Matrix Sequence. It is the Centre of the Matrix, the¬†Apex of Holographic Pyramid. The completion of the 6D Merkaba. July 21st, is Votans Stone, which is represented by the Rune Gar. If¬†you can fathom the hidden codes of the above, you will realise that mans greatest achievement in space exploration was inherently synchronised to the 19 Matrix. It was specifically induced as a divine message that seals the Self-Generation of the Matrix. Neil Armstrong’s Gregorian birthday is 5th August. The same b-earth-day as me ! The 5th of August correlates to Day 11 of the Magnetic Moon in the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar. It aligns to¬†day 11 of the 19 Matrix sequence. It is the first¬†cornerstone in the creation of the 6th Dimensional Self¬†as it activates through the 11:11 sequence. Apollo 11 apollo11 During the Apollo mission, Neil Armstrong was manifest within his 52 year destiny cycle as Red Crystal Moon, kin 129. 129 = 1 + (2 x 9) = 19. How incredibly¬†synchronic¬†that whilst¬†manifest as Red Crystal Moon he would visit the moon, and¬†that he would accomplish this on Day 19.19 of the Matrix. 15 Days after the Eagle had landed and he took his quantum leap, his destiny compass moved to¬†White Cosmic Wizard, kin 234. This is the birth same kin as Carl Jung, who wrote extensively of the archetypes and his study of synchronicity and Wotan. After an illustrious existence on Planet Earth and beyond ! Neil Armstrong died August 25th, 2012. Red Spectral Moon, kin 89 in the Dreamspell. The same death kin as Jose Arguelles. 520 days after Day 241 when Valum Votan ascended. Neil Armstrong, your footprints in time have been noted in the Heavens..

Mans’ first¬†successful mission to the moon was named Apollo 11, and would be¬†accomplished on¬†Day 19:19 of the Matrix whilst the actor within the hologram would be Red Crystal Moon.

Lets¬†look at Apollo’s role in this divine synchronisation ! God of Prophecy and Oracle. apollogod The Apollo 11 Lunar¬†Mission above was named after Apollo, the mythological¬†God of Prophecy and Oracle ! He was a master magician, a poet, musician, healer, and beyond all oracle deliver ! He was the prophetic deity of the Delphi Oracle. Apollo was worshipped throughout the Roman empire, and even as far as the Celtic lands. He was revered as a prophet of light, in a way similar to the portrayal of Christ. He was a healer, and protector against Evil. He attained cult status, with teams of prophets and, in particular, The Oracle of Delphi. The Oracle of Delphi, was a priestess, who could always be located within the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. The Oracle was said to deliver sacred information and prophecies¬†to the initiate, whilst seemingly induced, by the spirit of the Dragon¬†rising from the ground. The¬†Pythia as she was also known, was the voice of the¬†Oracle, and attributed her “gift” of prophecy to Apollo. Pythia was the Python, the Earth Dragon of Delphi. The prophecies uttered by the Oracle were like the dream streams of the Dragon. It is said that the fumes (The Dragons Breath), that raised from the Earth were like a hallucinogenic drug that brought¬†on shamanic states to not only the Oracle, but also to the Seeker of wisdom. The Prophets and the Oracle Masters flowed freely upon¬†the stone walkways of Delphi. Prophecy was born from something in the air. In fact, Delphi is believed to be the birthplace¬†of the word “prophet”, “ŌÄŌĀőŅŌÜŠŅÜŌĄőĪőĻ”, “Prophńďtńďs” ¬†translates to the English word Prophets. Pythia (Delphi) was a sacred Pagan ceremonial site dedicated to the Gaia, the Earth Mother, eons before it was dedicated to Apollo ! But just like the Ka’aba, Pythia was hijacked¬†by the proliferation of the multifaceted Monotheistic Religion base ! The Oracle delivered prophecy from the centre of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. The Temple of Apollo has a perfect 38 (2 x 19) columns around the outer rectangle.¬†The outer 38 columns perfectly represent the 2 x 19¬†angels of the 19 matrix. The 2 x 19¬†circles of the self inducing fractal within the the¬†Flower of Life. The Oracle of Delphi was the connection to the divine source of Gaia though the interaction with the 2 x 19 angels of the Matrix. The Oracle was the breath of the Earth Dragon ! It was the pinnacle of the Gnostic movement, and aligned perfectly within the philosophy of the 19 Matrix.

The original blueprint of the Temple of Apollo displaying the 38 outer columns. These 38 columns (2 x 19)  represent the 2 x 19 Angels of the 19 Matrix Meditation

The Great Halls of Oracle

The remaining 6 “corner” Columns of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

If you¬†were to envision such a place as The Great Halls of Oracle. It should begin¬†within the 2 x 19¬†columns of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi¬†. From¬†the original 38 (2 x 19) outer columns, there are 6 original columns remaining in the bottom right corner when viewed from the front. The remaining 6 columns represent the 6th Dimension. They represent the 6 outer seats of the Oracular Council. The 6 faces¬†of the the final cube of the prophecy. Votans Stone. ¬†The 7th centre is the seat of Merlin, and through this centre, the “passing of the stone” ritual is invoked. Upon completion of the¬†Pyramid Hologram, New Earth Synchronisation, The stone activates the centre of the 11×11 cube. The cube of 1331 cubes. This is the ritual of the Passing of the¬†Stone. Where 5D touches 7D through the central axis of the Higher Self. This all happened within the Great Halls of Oracle. Prophecy and Oracle are products of the 6th dimension. This is why, when I unveiled the Prophecy of the Pyramid and The Cube, I referred to Votan’s Stone as The Great Halls of Oracle. This is because Votans Stone is the centre of the matrix, it is the final cube of the Pyramid Hologram. It was¬†the apex of the prophecy, the same cube that Jose described as the implosion of the cube of time¬†! that upon¬†reaching 0¬†would usher in¬†the Quantum Leap. The Quantum Leap was the then, unfathomable, non-quantifiable dimensional shift that is beautifully modelled within the live stream within this blog. Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 00.36.26 Because¬†The Great Halls of Oracle are¬†exactly what they¬†say they are, and all that we experience through the 5D prophets has¬†been¬†projected, in real-time, in glorious Technicolor, henceforth. It is the hotbed of Oracle, a place where math meets matter and the soul aligns elegantly when the 7 chakra energies fuse with the 12 strands of DNA ! 19 angels ! ¬†Its where the elected soul wakes up after¬†ascension, ¬†it is the place where myth is designed by the masters and sub-contracted through an inter-dimensional¬†tube of life and birth and happenings. It is the highest level unveiled by the Masters of Gnosis. 5D Prophets As explained above, the 6th dimensional prophetic stream originates from the Stone. Everything we experience though the interactions with the 5D prophets is a holographic projection which¬†emanates from this Divine Source. The 5D archetypes, as they awaken in their human form, are born aligned with the 6th Dimensional Oracle through their synchronisation¬†with the 19 Matrix and its associated systems. This is the same system¬†we see engraved into the dominion of Religion where¬†the¬†living emanation¬†of the 5D prophets became revered as the “access point to God”. They were oracle deliverers, and we see this mirrored in the Ka’aba. We see this echoed¬†in the Bible, and the Qu’ran. We see this fulfilled through the unification of the Votan Twins in¬†the Pyramid hologram. This is because, the 19 Matrix is¬†the Law Of Oracle & Prophecy (The LOOP). It functions through a series of processes¬†assigned to the Rune Gar. The Rune Gar is Odin’s special rune, it contains all¬†other runes and is a sign of the totality of the Runic Oracle. Gar, sits in the centre of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and¬†is a multidimensional portal to the soul ascension of the Higher Self, it¬†is the invocation of the Highest Wizard, Merlin¬†and functions as¬†the prophetic stream, which emanates from the 6th Dimension Self, the Stone, The Great Halls of Prophecy. Gar was Merlins gift to Odin, Gar was Merlins¬†gift to Votan also. Because Gar literally translates¬†to¬†“gift”. Gar also translates to spear, and is the spear that penetrates the inter-dimensional fabric which caused the implosion of the time cube and a vacuum of the self-generating matrix of 19. The spear of Odin is a kin to the sword of Merlin. You may ask why, but my only answer to you is that it just is !! Gars oracular meaning is “Trust in Oracle as¬†you Trust in the Tree”¬†, it is¬†the¬†symbolic totality of the 19 Matrix, embodying the Universal Truth of Magic, Prophecy and Oracle !! Just as Apollo delivered his Oracle, just as Votan and Odin delivered¬†their Oracles. Gar manifested out of¬†the Stone through the assimilation of the Votan archetype and delivered the updated version¬†of the Master Oracle in the form of the 19 Matrix. This is all a pertinent and forever existing model of the Soul Ascension of the¬†Higher Self. This process if offer now to the initiates to fulfill their own path of universal transcension. The 19 Matrix¬†Oracle¬†lives¬†and¬†breaths. It is the infinite LOOP (Law of Oracle & Prophecy)¬†of Self.¬†It¬†is a gift to you streamed directly from The Great Halls of Oracle. You can use it to re-construct your¬†archetypal matrix. Get connected with¬†your Golden threads !! Cornerstone of¬†Wisdom Christ was always referred to the cornerstone of Gods Temple. Muhammed placed the Black stone in the corner of the Ka’aba as a symbol of the¬†connection to God. The final 6 columns of the Temple of Apollo are located in the front/right corner. Understanding the concept embed within the Stone is indeed understanding the divine within the¬†riddle. This is why the whole 2012 phenomenon was condensed so so beautifully within the completion of the Pyramid Hologram. Have you seen the hologram yet ? 1330 Perfect Years modelled as 1330 perfect cubes. A perfect construction by the Master Architect of Time, Pacal Votan, guided by his 6D Higher Self. Those with eyes to see will see. Those who are blind would stay blind forever !

1330 Year construction of the Pyramid Hologram. It was created upon the Death of Pacal Votan in the year 683, and completed during 2012-2013 Gregorian Year which marked¬†the end/beginning of the Classical Long Count, and the epicentre of the 52 Year Dreamspell inception Galactic Synchronisation. 1330 perfect cubes create the 9 levelled Holographic Pyramid of Prophecy. It is the blueprint of the Temple of Inscriptions and also of the Temple of Kukulkan. It is humanity’s most perfect example of multidimensional harmonics manifest in 3D theatre.. We hope you enjoyed the transmission and can see the¬†wisdom within.

The prophecy was indeed fulfilled upon 2012-2013. The dimensional shift did manifest. Holographic Truth manifest in perfect form.. ¬†The final product of the Prophecy ! The 5D prophets delivered the¬†path for the initiates¬†to walk. Votan, Odin, Apollo all delivered perfectly. However, it is now apparent¬†that the 5D prophets themselves were guided by their Higher 6D Self, on a path, that was perfectly bound within the 19 Matrix. Perfectly bound within the Sacred Sequence of¬†19. The code and philosophy of this system, is self proliferating. It is an Invocation to the Highest Wizard within. The 19 Matrix is the key to¬†universal transcension. It is the magnet of God. So, if the bells just rang, Welcome to the Great Halls of Oracle. Here we are a like a timeless spaceship. We are still partying like its 2012. The spaceship arrived in perfect¬†time ! The ship is indeed ready for lift off.. Its everything we imagined.. It real time, real prophecy unfolded. There are still many more layers that you can learn. The Higher Self is the spaceship ! Everything you need to¬†understand is contained within the rainbow phantoms of the 19 Matrix. The 19 Matrix is a 6D Dimensional Vacuum. The vacuum has been created through the completion of¬†the Pyramid Hologram, the deflation of the Time Cube, and the ritual “Passing of the Stone”. The 6D vacuum¬†literally sucks time, space, prophecy and myth¬†into, and out of itself as it¬†breaths life, and death into the 5th, 4th,¬†3rd, 2nd and 1st dimension. It wraps everything we can fathom¬†into a coherent matrix of eminent magic. This is why all the 5D prophets have all fallen so elegantly¬†into it. Because they are products of the 6th Dimensional Self, and the 6th Dimensional Self is what Humans have been taught to believe in¬†as¬†God. The once unfathomable Quantum Leap is contained within the understanding that God within Self, is attainable through meditating upon, and activating the 19 Angels of your Archetypal Matrix as it merges with that of the Central Tree. This is the message, and purpose of Gar in¬†its position at the Centre of the Matrix. ” The 19 Matrix is the Womb of the New Earth ! “ I¬†end this transmission with some beautiful, inspiring words of Valum Votan !

When one has set out on a course of being a peacemaker, a crusader with a cause that will benefit the world, one becomes some kind of activist. When one typically acts one expects a response, one actually expects acclaim, praise of one’s actions. For example, one sets about spreading the Thirteen Moon Calendar, telling others about the Law of Time, setting up Crystal Day meetings, or even giving lectures or seminars on the calendar change. But it may happen that no one shows, up or that contentious people dominate the show and argue against the calendar, or that people walk out on you. It doesn’t matter, because if you are really doing your best, then that is all that counts. If you are doing something because you want the acclaim, then you are actually tainting the purity of what you are doing. So the point is don’t expect a standing ovation. Selfless giving is true love. Jose Arguelles

More news soon.. Much love and PROPHECY to you all.. May peace prevail on Planet Earth ! and beyond ! Gar.. Votanix.. kin 34 !

2 thoughts on “Quantum Leap for Mankind

  1. Darn my other comment didn’t send.

    Great work “Gar”!
    My only concern with this post is the implication that leap years have on the Dreamspell Tzolkin count! When the Wizard’s count (Dreamspell) was started the interval or difference between the two counts was a 54 kin difference (Dreamspell: Kin 34, Mayan Count: Kin 240: 6 Ajaw). This would mean that on Kin 1 of the Mayan Count it would be Kin 55 on the Dreamspell, I believe this interval should still be with us today but unfortunately it seems we have lost it because of leap years.
    If others are interested this would mean (if true) that your Dreamspell signature is meant to be 54 + your Mayan T’zolkin!

    Please let me know what you think Gar because we need cooperation to figure this out!!

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