Epochalypse Now

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Headlining todays news, scientists on Planet Earth have identified and defined that The Earth entered a new evolutionary “Epoch” on Gregorian Date July 16th, 1945.

An Epoch is defined as the following :

1. a particular period of time marked by distinctive features, events,etc.:
The treaty ushered in an epoch of peace and good will.
2. the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything:
The splitting of the atom marked an epoch in scientific discovery.
3. point of time distinguished by a particular event or state of affairs;a memorable date:
His coming of age was an epoch in his life.
4. Geology. any of several divisions of a geologic period during which geologic series is formed.
5. Physics. the displacement from zero at zero time of a body undergoing simple harmonic motion.
6. Astronomy.
  1. an arbitrarily fixed instant of time or date, usually the beginning of a century or half century, used as a reference in giving the elements of a planetary orbit or the like.
  2. the mean longitude of a planet as seen from the sun at such an instant or date.  
July 16th, 1945 was Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard in the Dreamspell.

This “new” geological epoch was synchronically initiated with Humanity’s biggest experiment. An experiment codenamed “Trinity”. The Trinity test was the Worlds first test atomic explosion and happened in New Mexico, USA, July 16th, 1945.

July 16th, 1945 was Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard in the Dreamspell.

Upon detonating the bomb, our home planet entered the new Anthropocene epoch. The Anthropocene epoch is defined by the Great Acceleration of Humanity on Earth. It points to a singular moment when human actions began to affect the entire planet. From this initial release of radiation into the atmosphere in New Mexico, humanity has begun to leave a fossilised trace into the stone of the Earth.

You can “read all about it” here :http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11348478/Earth-entered-new-epoch-on-July-16-1945-say-scientists.html Trinitite-detail3

During the Trinity test, the nuclear explosion sucked up sand from the desert which then rained down on the desert test site as molten silica glass. Green and luminous in colour, akin to the Cube and the Sphere of Pacal. The glassy stone, named Trinitite, was forged on Kin 34. The formation of this stone is a perfect example of how desert sand forms silicon based glass when forged with great heat, just like the Black stone from the Ka’aba which was forged when a meteorite landed in the desert of Arabia.

You can read about that here : Day 241 and the Ka’aba.

3D / 4D Epochs

Exactly 59 Tzolkin cycles after the initiation of the Anthropocene 3rd Dimensional Geological Epoch through the Trinity Test, at a different location in New Mexico, a new, 4th Dimensional Epoch was initiated. 33 Days after the Solstice on July 26th, 1987 at an event named the “Galactic Wizard Coming out party” was where Valum Votan and Bolon Ik publicly initiated “The Wizards Count” (the Dreamspell).

This count was reformulated precisely so that July 26, 1987, would be White Galactic Wizard, July 26, 1993 would be Yellow Magnetic Seed, and July 26, 2013 would be Yellow Galactic Seed. The meaning of these dates is encoded in the names of the year bearers for these dates. According to the Mayan Factor, July 26, 1987, Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard, was the year bearer for the first of the 26 years of the Harmonic Convergence. This date marks the conscious ascendance of the prophecy of galactic culture and the coming of the Earth Wizards – the race of galactic wizards on Earth. It was on this new year’s date, 1987, at a mass public presentation in preparation for the Harmonic Convergence at St.John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, that José and Lloydine Arguelles first spontaneously spoke about the coming of galactic culture on earth. It was because this day was coded as Galactic Wizard that they did so. If the White Galactic Wizard marked the beginning of the 26-year count of the Harmonic Convergence, then the galactic spin count of this 26-year cycle was also prophetically coded. Exactly 33 days before the Galactic Wizard coming out party in Santa Fe, it was the day Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1, marking the beginning of the first galactic spin of the Wizard’s Count. http://www.lawoftime.org/pdfs/Rinri-II-2.1.pdf

To Resume the implications of the above.

The 3rd Dimensional Geological Epoch, The Anthropocene Epoch was initiated on July 16th, 1945, kin 34, Galactic Wizard

59 x 260 = 15,340 kin later.

The 4th Dimensional Time Epoch, The Dreamspell was initiated on July 26th, 1987, kin 34, Galactic Wizard.

Remarkably, these two unique events, were both in New Mexico, USA. In fact, Santa Fe, where Jose and Lloyddine Arguelles presented the Dreamspell is actually within the radiation fall out zone of the original Trinity Test. There must have been “something” in the air it seems ! Pv241 maybe ?


5D-6D Epoch

If you have been following this blog and the magical unfolding of the 19:19 Matrix within, you may have realised that we have already had an experience of a 5D-6D epoch already through the 1330 year holographic construction of the 19:19 Matrix Pyramid. This “micro” epoch of 1330 years/cubes/spheres culminated in the opening of a inter-dimensional portal through which the 5D Crystal Archetype ascended to the 6th Dimension through the enactment upon the 19:19 Matrix Pyramid. This higher dimensional theatre was divinely synchronised to “Galactic Synchronisation” on kin 164, Galactic Seed. This same model synchronised perfectly with the 6 year cubic countdown of Jose Arguelles as he states in the quote below. Arguelles defined the process as being non-quantifiable from the “past” perspective.

“Time is running down,” you hear it said, or, just as often, “We are running out of time.” What time is running down? What time is running out? We mean here the time of the third-dimensional 12:60 mind. We can all feel it. It is like being inside a pressure cooker where the water is just about to boil. Only in this case the pressure cooker is a cube, and the water is the unconscious ferment of history. The end result is the dimensional shift. With the passage into the Ring of the White Lunar Wizard, 26 July 2007, the world slipped imperceptibly into the incipient stages of the dimensional shift to be climaxed between Rhythmic Moon 9, Blue Resonant Storm year (2012) and 26 July 2013, Kin 164, first day of the Ring of the Yellow Galactic Seed. Between the beginning of the Kin 54 year, AD 2007, and the galactic synchronization, 2013, are exactly six Rings—the number of years encompassing the dimensional shift is the same number as there are sides to a cube: six. This, as we shall see, is a sign that the dimensional shift describes the process of an exponentially diminishing timespace cube. From the perspective of the system of the cube, timespace is a cube. Third-dimensional mind thinks that “time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.” But this time that is slipping is only the linear perception of time. In the near future we will experience the convergence of many “time lines”—the dimensional shift. From the higher, fourth-dimensional perspective, time and space are an inseparable unity that together create a cube. The three dimensions of space—height, width and depth—are bound by the invisible cube of time, which is the fourth dimension. If 2012 (Kin 59 BlueResonant Storm year) = 1 cubed, the final unit in an exponentially decreasing order that began with 6 cubed, what and where is 2013? If 2013 = 0, then 0 is the value of the dimensional shift, i.e., it is non-quantifiable from the present perspective. This dimensional shift is a “quantum jump” into an altogether new timespace cube, the second creation, the new heaven and new earth, the galactic synchronization into a new mental-evolutionary order, “noosphere.”



What actually happened upon activating the final cube of the Prophecy, Year Bearer of Resonant Storm kin 59 ?

Upon completing the 1330 year construction of the pyramid, we entered the 1331st  (11x11x11) Year of the prophetic “epoch” initiated by Pacal through his Death Passage in the year 683 and embed within his perfectly designed Temple of Inscriptions;

The 2 Crystal Archetypes (The Votan Twins) walked the sacred path up the 19:19 Pyramid and sealed the First Stone (11 x 11 x 11 cube) of the New Creation through the unification of the Votan 6D Merkaba.

You can read about it here : The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube.

This “milestone” event that manifested through New Earth Synchronisation is a pertinent model of initiation and completion of a multidimensional epoch, as it spanned and populated through the 4th Dimension of Time. Remember, the 19:19 Holographic pyramid is constructed of cubes. Each cube is the activation of the 19 x 19 angelic sequences of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. The final time cube that Jose beautifully explained above, is the same apex stone of the holographic pyramid. It is Resonant Storm kin 59, the final year of the construction. It is Votans’ Stone, Cube 19:19 of the Divine Matrix. The inter-dimensional intersection. Junction 361 !


Understanding this event as the quantum leap in consciousness that Valum spoke about above, and by awakening your dimensional self to embed love and prophecy within these geometric, naturally harmonic and holographic constructions, is the mastery of the multidimensional self that we, the Galactic Wizards on Earth need in order to approach the emerging problems in our 3D environment.

UNIX Epoch

Another epoch you should be-aware of is the Unix Epoch of computerised time keeping. All computers, embedded electronic systems and communication frameworks have been built upon a timing frequency defined within a specified range of integer numbers. An integer is a whole number with no fractional parts. An example of an integer number is 1, as is 32, as is 144,000 etc. Depending on the bit count, an integer can contain a range of binary bit patterns which align to a whole number.

For example, an 4 bit integer can contain values 1+2+4+8, a range of 0-15. 16 unique values.

An 8 bit integer can contain values 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128, a range 0-255.  256 possible values.

A 16 bit integer can contain values 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1024+2048+4096+8192+16384+32768, a range of 0-65535. 65536 possible values.

32 bit integer can contain 2,147,483,647 possible values.

The 32 bit integer is the container for Unix Time and holds the amount of seconds since the Unix Epoch. The Unix Epoch is when the 32 bit time_t count began. It began on midnight, 1 January 1970, and has been counting in seconds ever since. Every time your computer powers up, it generates its system time directly from the number of seconds since the epoch and from this integer number calculates the minutes, hours, days since “the beginning”, and creates a 12:60 digital calendrical system for you. Just like that !

The 32 bit time_t count, which began on January 1, 1970, will tick 2,147,483,647 times until it, just like Votans final time cube will return to 0. This equates to 24,855 Days, which is approximately 68 Solar Years. 68 = 34 x 2.

Quartz Time

The heart of the pulse within computer system time, is Quartz Crystal. This is due to the stable frequency emitted by Quartz. As part of the Great Acceleration of Humanity, humans have begun to dominate the quartz crystal for technological benefits. With the advent of silicon technology and developments in quartz based timing chips, by 1970, around the same time as the Unix Epoch, humanity developed its first digitalised watch.

The Pulsar (pictured below), was the first wearable digital watch featuring a LCD. Whilst basic in its first form, it symbolises the beginning of the Digital Time Epoch, which superseded mechanical time and is without doubt the framework within which the Techno-sphere is evolving. We can therefore see the Technoshperic Epoch synchronising with Unix Time, and the manipulation of the quartz crystal based 12:60 timing frequency.


Since 1970 humanity has begun to “record” data of certain events and evolutions on a planetary and galactic level. This data is of great benefit for humanity as it forms the great database of knowledge we appear to be here on Earth to collate.

An example of this is that since data recordings began in 1970 and until 2010 when the study below was presented, Humanity’s actions have managed to kill off approximately 52% of the worlds vertebrate population. Quite an destructive achievement by anyones standards and is proof of the new Geological Epoch that begun with the Trinity Test.

You can “read all about it” here:  http://assets.wwf.org.uk/downloads/lpr2014_low_res_embargo.pdf

If we focus in on the dataset of the vertebrate population on Earth, and plot the rate of decay from when records began in 1970, we can see an almost linear decay of invertebrate life synchronised to the 68 year epoch of Unix, digital, computerised 12:60 time.


Feeling worried ? From a 3D perspective you sure should be.

Because this is the linear path of 12:60 time as it progresses through the Unix Epoch. This is the path of destruction built upon the manipulative and hostile domination of Quartz Crystal through the use of silicon based technologies. This is the manifestation of the Beast that lives within the 12:60 frequency.

The Unix Epoch began on Jan 1st, 1970, 1.1.70 , kin 123 in the Dreamspell, year of the Yellow Electric Seed.

The Unix Epoch will end on 03:14:08 UTC on 19 January 2038, kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon.

68 years, 18 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes and 8 seconds after the epoch, time_t 32bit integer Unix Time will return 0. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem

Soul Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Just as Unix time clearly models the slippery slope of the parasitical decay of 12:60 time as it is templates itself onto the natural frequency of the crystal. We, the Galactic Wizards are manifested as the anti-venom to this poisonous hijack of our beloved Planet Earth.

We are here to re-set the frequency.

Because if we don’t, there are serious implications.

With the emerging adoption of 64bit time, with a range that extends beyond the life expectancy of Earth (it is expected that within this range of time the Sun would transcend into a Red Giant and swallow the Earth). If this decaying frequency is left unattended, we can only presume, having looked over the data we’ve recorded so far, that the crystal intelligence of Earth will become entangled in to the 12:60 frequency of destruction for ever. The techno-sphere is coded to seal the manifestation of its “self” on a planetary scale. IT wants the cake !

The technospheric singularity of artificial intelligence that is manifested through the 12:60 frequency is coded to occur on January 19th, 2038, Dreamspell Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon.

That is unless, we can solve the problem we’ve inherited.

My belief, as a Galactic Wizard, is that we have awoken into a divine plan, a mission to steer Timeship Earth away from imminent and irreversible destruction. The 3D Epochalypse is certainly upon the horizon for it is coded directly into the 12:60 timing frequency.

We are the Galactic Wizards that Valum Votan and Bolon Ik inspired into manifestation. We are the product of the dimensional shift that has occurred through the completion of the Pyramid Hologram. We are the soul awakening of the Cube and the Sphere of the Divine Self as it merges with the Sacred Tree.

We are here to incept the Crystal Matrix with the updated “divine” source code. A divine code that is riddled within the multidimensional model contained within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

More news soon — Much love and prophecy to you all  – VotanIx…

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